Lions Starting to Finalize Draft Plans

The Lions are in a position that they, as of late, are not accustomed to: picking outside the top ten. Not to beat a dead horse, but to have picked so many times in the top ten in recent history makes it simply sad when you judge the franchise fairly. With that said, the Lions are at number 15 and their draft board is loaded with a lot of names, at a lot of different positions, that they think can immediately help them.

The pressure is on that this franchise is moving in the right direction, but progress must be clearly demonstrated. The Lions drafting has been pathetic, and this is a draft that Millen and Marinelli have worked on together like none other (void of pressure from various internal political issues) and the optimism is very high for success.

The Lions are considering a plethora of options, not the least of which is acquiring another team’s pick (lower than 15) and attempting to get two immediate starters and contributors in the first round. Although that is not a certainty at this point, the way several mock drafts are positioned, it is very feasible that this could happen. Two sources, one within the Lions and one from another AFC team have confirmed that the Lions have contacted them about the cost of such a move. The Lions will keenly be watching to see if players they have pegged for value drop to those spots.

I have gotten a lot of questions about the possibility of trading down and it could happen, but the Lions need bodies and unless someone is really dropping and they know they can get him and still acquire picks, don’t hold your breathe waiting.

I find it funny when people say, “This is the guy they want.” Well, of course, there are guys they want, but they aren’t sitting at 15 with only one guy in mind. There are several key players that they like, and unlike the past, this draft is not as accurate to pick because of their position farther away from the top.

There is a Lions receiver that could get traded, but contrary to inaccurate reports it isn’t Roy Williams. The Lions, as I previously broke, are going to make an all out blitz at Roy Williams to resign him, but if they are unable to do so will franchise him. If someone was stupid and offered something crazy I am sure Millen would jump at it. I don’t expect it, and neither do they. The Lions receiver that is available is Shaun McDonald. Although nothing is imminent, there is interest and the Lions are listening.

One NFL team that likes and wants Mac says it would take a third rounder. “Yeah, we talked with Matt and with Roy and CJ and Furrey, we could get Mac. The problem is that a third is a little high for us at this point.” I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he is traded, but again, there is no deal that is done or closed…yet.

Unlike past years, the Lions will get to watch and see who falls. They are in desperate need, but they also have a luxury here. That is watching and seeing what others do as they strategize inside the Allen Park facility.

There is one thing for certain. There are four positions that they absolutely will not select in the first round. Wide receiver, QB, P and kicker are those spots. All others are on the board. The Lions are acutely aware that they do not have a number one running back, but they also know that they don’t necessarily have to do that in round one, unless it is someone they are in love with. In fact I was told last night, “There are a lot of great backs that go out of the first round. We just think we have to get one of the ones we like. The latter the better, but we can’t wait if he is there and is at a spot we think we have to pull the trigger.”

There was some talk inside the brain trust about moving up and getting Jake Long, but they didn’t want to spend that kind of money with so many needs.Â

So what are the options? I know that you won’t like this, but there are many. If things fall as planned, they could stay pat and make no trades. I don’t expect that and neither do they. At this point (and understand that as the board develops this is only a possibility), I think the draft will fall favorably the way the Lions want and they will get two first round picks this year. Not a prediction, just what I think will happen if the board falls their way, they suspect it will.