More breaking Lions information about WR Kevin Curtis

As first reported here at Kevin Curtis has left Allen Park. Now however it would appear that other teams have entered the circus courtesy of his agent Tom Condon who is known to have a great relationship with the Vikings.

The Giants and the Eagles have also contacted him since he left the Lions. It would appear that with other teams entering the bidding that the Lions may not sign him. The Lions offer was very fair and in line with the Vikings but the sticking point was the guaranteed money. A source from one of the teams bidding for his services (not the Lions) told me moments ago that they still feel that “the Lions are the front runners (because of his relationship with Furrey and Martz) but have made it clear that they won’t spend stupid money.”

You have to applaud the Lions (Millen) for holding their ground and continuing what was best described to me from an AFC team official as “the best off season in the NFL so far.”