Spartan Nation College Football Top 25

Spartan Nation College Football Top 25

September 12, 2006

  1. OSU 2-0 NC won huge in Austin and are clearly #1!
  2. WVU 2-0 NC has only one test against Louisville late in the season.
  3. LSU 2-0 U1 huge test this weekend at #5 Auburn
  4. NOTRE DAME 2-0 U1 big test against a very talented #20 UM
  5. AUBURN 2-0 U1 Kenny Irons is a stud!
  6. USC 2-0 U4
  7. OU 2-0 D4 won but it was ugly. Needs a huge game at #13 Oregon on Sat!
  8. FLORIDA 2-0 U4 can Urban sustain the success?
  9. GEORGIA 2-0 U4 no real test until Florida on 10/28
  10. FSU 2-0 D-2 how can Troy give you trouble?
  11. IOWA 2-0 NC impressive win without Drew Tate!
  12. ALABAMA 2-0 U3 I can’t stand Shula but they are winning.
  13. OREGON 2-0 UG we shall see if they are the mighty ducks with OU on Sat.
  14. MIAMI 1-1 U2 has a lot to prove
  15. LOUISVILLE 2-0 U2 I can’t stand the coach but it is very said about Bush.Â
  16. VIRGINIA TECH 2-0 U8 all they do is win gotta love that.
  17. TEXAS 1-1 D8 humiliated by #1 OSU
  18. NEBRASKA 2-0 U5 can coach Cal keep it up?
  19. MSU 2-0 NC needs a big win in PITT this weekend to move up.
  20. UM 2-0 NC has a lot more talent then a #20 spot and will skyrocket with a win Sat at #4 Notre Dame.
  21. TENNESSEE 2-0 NC have to see more to move them up. Will show itself this weekend when they host #8 Florida.
  22. TCU 2-0 NR impressive every year and this year is no different.
  23. TEXAS TECH 2-0 NR unique coach whom just wins, this is a solid program!
  24. ASU 2-0 NR got off to a rough start with off field issues but is winning.
  25. PSU 1-1 NR got spanked in South Bend, should be embarrassed

NC= No change from the last ranking

U#=tells you how many places up from last weeks rankings

D#=tells you how many places down from last weeks rankings

NR=not rated in the last rankings