Transcript of Hondo's recent interview with the Spartan Nation's own T.J. Duckett from the Lions OTA!

Hondo: Diesel, looking good buddy. I mean, all your teammates are talking about it. How are you feeling at this point?

TJ: Feeling good. It’s just…we’re all here working. We’re all learning the system. We’re all learning each other. And it’s good to be doing football stuff rather than running up and down the field getting in shape. But yea, fresh step into our goal. And that’s what it’s all about.
Hondo: You know, there’s a lot of talk about Martz…how big his play book is. How do you feel like you’re doing? Because they’re talking about the fact that you know it.

TJ: It’s definitely a full load, but being in Washington and being with Al Saunders is the same type of system, same type of play calling. You know, you still gotta pick it up and you still gotta take it. And it’s just a lot of studying, asking a lot of questions, and making a lot of mistakes here and there and, you know, every day you gotta learn some more.Â
Hondo: Noticing you, when you get the ball you’re only supposed to run 10 yards and you’re running it to the house. They notice that. Talk about that mentality that you’re just gonna outwork everybody.

TJ: You know, just come out here and work. And if I work hard during the week it’ll transform on Sunday and it’s all about getting better. You can never stop working. You can never stop trying to give 100 percent. So if you’re in the game you go 100 yards and you come back and you’re not tired, you know, so you get used to it. You try to get used to those sort of things.
Hondo: Talk about your comfort level with being here. Obviously, you’re glad you made the choice. But now the fact that you know, hey, they’re putting you in the mix.

TJ: Oh yea, I love it. I love the opportunity to compete. I lose the opportunity to be here. This is a great organization and great people. And if we can just stay healthy, keep learning, keep performing as we are I think we’ll have a great year.
Hondo: How much do you like that they keep reminding your teammates: Wait until Duckett puts on his pads. I mean, it’s kind of a funny thing. Marinelli and Joe Berry played against you in Tampa Bay and they know what their defense is in for.

TJ: Yea, it’s a great feeling. It’s a great feeling and at the same time they are preparing the defense. It’s gonna be a fun training camp, I should say, but I think it’s gonna make everybody better. We are definitely going to have fun with it. Like I said, we are working for a championship.

We apologize to the great Lions fans that can’t watch this as a video which would be much better for the fans. The new recent stupid NFL rules prohibit that. So even though you can’t see it anywhere else since Hondo was the only reporter to do it, here is at least the transcript. Thanks Goodell.