Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Mark Hollis a the B1GAD golf contest.
Mark Hollis a the B1GAD golf contest.

Hondo, do you think Tom Anastosis in trouble or close to losing his job? Brent in Cadillac

No chance at all. I realize the record disappoints fans this year, but in an upcoming issue of the magazine we are going in depth on the state of Spartan hockey and I think you will be genuinely excited. There is some scuttlebutt (including from places that would make you disappointed and disgusted), but Mark Hollis knew how bad the program was when Anastos took over and he has to rebuild. I will lay out the entire story soon in the magazine. Sadly most people have no idea how truly bad Spartan hockey was when he took over.

Hondo, I am neighbors with an MSU woman’s head coach. Last year she was upset and said others in the athletic department were as well that Mark Hollis had said no overseas travel and Izzo took the team to Italy. Then, after New Year’s she was complaining to my wife that Coach Izzo took the team to the Cotton Bowl and spent the money when Hollis is tightening the belt on everyone else. She sure paints an interesting picture. Have you heard any of that and do you have any comments? (Name withheld)

Yes, I have heard those complaints about the trips to Italy and the Cotton Bowl. I also know that those sentiments are not shared by all of the non-revenue coaches at MSU. What do I think? Go to a school that has a bigger fan base to support your program, win more so more people care, but frankly no one cares about her complaints. Or perhaps I should say that not enough people care to fund your program at a higher level. Football & basketball are the big dogs. Other than men’s and women’s golf, every other sport at MSU is possible because of football and basketball. More than ANY PERSON on campus, Dantonio and Izzo do more for “Team MSU” (as President Simon says it) promoting the school than anyone. If you are a coach at MSU and you have a problem with anything they do, you should leave. Your sport isn’t possible without them. I think the people whining in the athletic department are fortunate to have a job and should shut up and thank Izzo and Dantonio for making and keeping MSU relevant with their success. I will add this. The women’s basketball team is going to make a trip overseas possibly next season and Izzo would have paid for his team to attend the Cotton Bowl had a donor not done it.

Hondo, what are your thoughts on MSU softball? Tracy Priebe

Prior to moving into the new Secchia Stadium for the 2011 season Coach Jacquie Joseph was a guest on Spartan Nation Radio. My guest host that evening was Shelley Appelbaum the Executive Associate Athletic Director. I said on the air that Joseph had been competing with subpar horrible facilities and that although people even at that time had complained about her success or lack thereof she deserved the chance to recruit full classes having that stadium and then be judged. This is that season. For the record, on air she agreed with me. I like Jacquie, but college athletics isn’t about who you like or do not like, it is about winning and losing. She has not won. The program is struggling for relevance. Again, I like her, but the timetable that even she agreed with has not been met.

Hondo, I am not a big fan of softball, but do want MSU to do well. Do you have any thoughts on how much longer they allow softball to be terrible? My daughter is an eighth grade softball player and we are season football ticket holders and she loves the Spartans. She has no desire to even consider MSU if she gets a chance in softball. That is pretty tough for her father and me. Kyla

Two people who work for MSU and one VERY CLOSE to Mark Hollis, all separate of each other, told me that he was going to make a change last year prior to allegations against her and the program coming forward. Not wanting to create the illusion that her firing was connected to those allegations, according to these three people Hollis held back on making that move. Unless her team should carve out a great season I would expect Jacquie who is coming to the end of her contract to not be the softball coach next season. As far as why they have waited, it is my understanding from a conversation with one of Mark Hollis’s predecessors that the decision on Coach Joseph was above their pay scale.

Hondo, how good is Aerial Powers in the grand scale of things? Patty Sixberry

She is one of the greatest players in Spartan history for women’s basketball. If she were to get this team to a Final Four she could be ICONIC, but as of right now she sits squarely in the discussion for one of the greatest.

There you go everyone. That is your MSU Olympic sports Q/A for the week. Remember that if you want to ask a question email me at and put in the subject line Olympic Q/A