Some of your email about Coach P leaving:


Her actions of late have not reflected the image MSU needs to regain. With the negatives gone from John L's watch, MSU does not need another joker to assume his media spotlight. The UF rumors and the airport incident made her a lightning rod... MSU needs more positive people like Tom Izzo, Rick Comley and Coach D (who seems to be getting some love nationally.




The GOOD: She elevated the women's program to a level not seen at MSU, thus bringing MSU into national attention, and all the good that comes with that.

The BAD: She went "shopping" for another job, yet refused to be honest and open when asked about it.

The UGLY: Her husband--- an associate prof at MSU--- became a huge liability for MSU (he still faces felony charges in Florida).

It's not that she left that irks me... it's the WAY she left.

I do not think you would see Tom Izzo or Rick Comley or even Mark Dantonio (whom we know little about but has already shown great character) be so sneaky and cold with the news media, players and fans. I liken her actions to those of Nick Saban.

If you knew you were shopping for a new job, why would you sign a new contract? And if you already accepted a new contract, why would you go shopping for a new job?

This just smacks of impropriety!

As one of our members wrote, "Evidently, she preferred the GREEN over the WHITE."



Hi Hondo:

After everything that has transpired over the past six weeks or so, I think McCallie's departure will prove to be the best thing for all concerned. Go Green,

Tim - La Jolla, CA



Does Coach P have to pay any kind of penalty to msu for breaking her new contract? I have heard from someone who works in the athletic department that Ron Mason did not support giving her a new contract.




I can't tell you how angry I was at MSU for giving her a new contract. I even threatened to pull my Ralph Young fund donation until I was told by someone at MSU that it was Simon's desire to give her the deal and that it wouldn't take affect until July 1. They also told me that you were correct that they did want her to move on. Good call on that Hondo.

Name Witheld (Okemos)



I am so glad she is gone. I can tell you as someone who knows some of the players that your story was right on the money and that you won't see any of them crying.




If she doesn't want to be a Spartan: see ya! Not suspending her husband and giving her a longer deal were absurd and everyone I talked to from MSU wanted me to know that it wasn't athletics that was Simon.

Chris-Grand Rapids



The point of that matter is that the women's program has cost the athletic department millions. Second fact is that this will allow us to go out and get a good up and coming coach that will help the athletic department's check book. Great move for State.




I went from "no way I ever go back to a game at MSU as long as she is here" to "yes dear we can go back to games now" and I have no clue who the new coach will be. I don't care what sport it is, I want a Spartan and not someone with a foot out the door. By P and your hubby also!




Since 90% of people don't give a rip about women's basketball can we now just stop talking about it? I am a women and would NEVER pay money to watch the women's team. I just love men's basketball.



Hey Hondo!

I am not that upset with Coach P leaving. She has come across as a mercenary to me for a long time. She seemed like she didn't want to be here, and if you don't want to be here, Leave.

Brad-East Lansing




Hey Hondo.

I’m Happy to see her go. She helped elevate the Women’s basketball program to where it is now granted. However, we can do without the lack of maturity/professionalism and the drama her and her husband, mostly her husband, exhibited down at the Florida Airport . This just provides MSU the opportunity to land a better coach for the job. If she didn’t want to be at MSU, I don’t want to her to be there either. Go Spartans!

Best Regards,





I feel bad for the young women that she recruited and then left to

gain fame and fortune at Duke. They are the people that feel and

were betrayed. That is the worst part of any coaching change.

That being said, isn't that what MSU did when she was hired? She had

made commitments to players at Maine and then left for East Lansing.

Think that MSU will find another coach that will do very well with

the team.

The best thing about Coach P. moving to Duke is that the quality of

instruction in the Economics Department has improved 100%.

I wish her good luck. But I have no interest in what happens to her

or Duke athletics. In other words, good-bye and don't let the door

knob hit you in the posterior.


Lakeland, FL