Your Weekly Michigan State Athletics General Question and Answer Article

Hondo, I love the idea of Hollis building a new hockey arena. How would something like that go? Curt

Great question, Curt. First, Mark Hollis would do a feasibility study. He has charts, diagrams, and analysis of everything he does. Secondly, he would have to secure a donor. Not for the entire project, although I am sure he would love that. He would secure a primary donor for a certain pre-attained % of the project and then move ahead. After he mentioned it at the B1G AD golf event he tried to slow play it. I can tell you that this is something they would love to do and it is progressing.

Hondo, this isn’t really a football question, but more about Athletic Director Mark Hollis. Why would he bring The Situation from The Jersey Shore to the MSU sidelines? Do we really want a binge drinking male whore on the sidelines that is a national disgrace? William

First, you are assuming it was Mark Hollis. It wasn’t. The reality star was here filming something for one of the Skandalaris companies (Yes, the folks that have the football building named after them) and they acquired a sideline pass for him. Could Hollis have nixed it? Of course, but I don’t blame him for this. The young man wasn’t announced and to the best of my knowledge wasn’t even shown on the video board.Â

Hondo, since you brought up the possibility of sports being cut one day, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. You have said you won’t mention what you would cut, but with title 9 wouldn’t that mean they would almost all be men? Tony

I would cut MSU down to the 15-18 sports range. High to mid twenties isn’t feasible long term without more funding. I would say this about Title Nine. That DOES NOT guarantee equal funding, it guarantees equal opportunity. There are some above Hollis that insist on the equal funding angle because of their own political and philosophical beliefs, but that isn’t law. Big difference.

Hondo, I am excited about Casey Lubahn and the new golf program. Can we go and follow the golfers when they are out on the course? Is there a gallery? Hunter

Yes you can. When those matches occur, just call MSU golf and get the information. Great idea! Casey is going to do great.

Hondo, you should get a bonus from MSU for motivating the volleyball team this year? Ellen

NO! I didn’t do anything. They did it. I just mentioned that there was some smoke. Cathy George is a very good coach and that program is doing well.

Hondo, I notice that you cover some of the sports that aren’t money makers, but ignore others. What’s up with that? Ray

Ray, those non money makers are called Olympic sports. I have offered all of the Olympic sports coverage. They have offers to come on the radio show and other types of coverage that Spartan Nation offers. Most simply don’t want it, or don’t give any effort to get it. Not my fault. If you are one of the premium sports (football/men’s basketball) or one of the tier two programs in hockey, women’s basketball, baseball or volleyball you are going to get some exposure. The rest need to put some effort into it. Those that you see getting exposure do put the effort into it. Those that you don’t see on Spartan Nation or other media don’t care. That is sad. Those that don’t get coverage you would think would try harder to get it then some of the premium or second tier programs that do.

OK everyone, there you go, our weekly general MSU athletics Q and A article. We will continue them every Tuesday morning, so if you have a question (not about basketball or football) here is a simple way to get it here. Send your questions to and put in the subject line general. If it doesn’t get answered in the article you will get a personal response. Thank you!