Podcast: Kyler Murray Takes Over ESPN And Every Other Network

Kyler Murray's announcement puts the NFL on full alert

Segment One: Kyler Murray takeover on ESPN how can OU capitalize? Ron Tatum in the transfer portal. Why you shouldn't freak out when in-state kids chose to go to other places. Dru and Cody getting pre-combine run.

Segment Two: Backlash from Raider fans? Mel Kiper will have Kyler Murray at worst in the top seven and Murray could go before Haskins. Kyler to the Bengals? Could Bob Stoops be interested in the Cowboys job?

Segment Three: OU still in the NCAA tournament as one of the LAST four in. Is it any wonder Lon Kruger left UNLV. They would be a 12 seed in a play in game with Zona.