Broken Coverage


An irreverent look at things said, tweeted, posted and gone amuck in college football

Ok, I surrender (but not at Appomattox).

Fathom, a year ago, anyone typing this line: “ESPN reassigned its announcer for Virginia’s opening game in Charlottesville because his name is Robert Lee.”

Has the world completely lost its moorings?

ESPN, in an attempt to be politically sensitive to serious events that face this nation, instead turned a “nothing burger” into a national controversy.

There was NO reason for ESPN to call attention to this non-story. No one outside the alumni base was going to watch Virginia vs. William & Mary. It is possible Robert Lee on the play-by-play might have created a few snarky tweets on Twitter. That's it.

Instead, ESPN has had to deal with the fringe freaks already convinced the “S” in ESPN stands for “Snowflake.”[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Top intellectuals like fiddle-player Charlie Daniels weighed in on social media with insightful Twitter commentary:

“ESPN pulls asian sportscaster off college football game because his name is Robert Lee Their gonads have shrunk to the size of english peas.”

This is the same Daniels who tweeted this apology on Sunday:

“My bad yall. The killer is still alive Its Jerry Lewis, not Jerry Lee Lewis, who passed away Sorry bout that Read the alert wrong.”

The devil not only went down to Georgia--it took spell check and the copy editor.

Too bad ESPN wasn’t around in 1977 to convince the Minnesota Vikings not to start Robert Melville Lee against the Rams in a playoff game.

That Field General Lee—friends called him “Bob”—was forced into action after an injury to Georgia’s "Crazy Feet" Fran Tarkenton.

Robert Melville Lee

Lee, in the stadium where USC’s famous horse “Traveler” prances, led Minnesota to a huge, 14-7, upset in the downpour. Note: USC claims no historical ties to Lee's horse, who was spelled "Traveller."

Historians remember the decisive battle being lost in part because the Rams' field commander, Gen. Pat “Ol' Slippery Grip) Haden, couldn’t grip the wet ball in the rain.

It remains, to many of us old-timer Ram fans, the most painful defeat in franchise history.

Programming note: The ESPN press release for Stanford vs. Rice in Sydney, this Saturday, states that the announcing team of Roy Philpott, Tom Ramsey and Quint Kessenich WILL BE IN AUSTRALIA for the game.

This is an upgrade from last year, when the network covered Hawaii vs. Cal, also in Australia, from the studio in Bristol.

The ESPN did its best to protect the fact it wasn’t there with clever camera work. But we at TMG knew something was fishy because analyst Mike Bellotti was donning the same suit-and-tie he was wearing for an earlier in-studio, college football preview segment.

Rumor shutdown: It is absolutely NOT true that ESPN pulled play-by-play man James Cook from the Australia telecast because the network thought it might be offensive to some Aborigines.

“What’s your deal?” special update: Website, on Aug. 3, filed a Freedom of Information Act records request seeking the immediate release of Michigan’s 2017…roster.

That’s right, Jim Harbaugh is up to his old tricks again.

Last year, Coach Jim wouldn’t submit his two-deep roster for the Colorado game.

Michigan has acknowledged receiving the FOIA roster request but sought an additional 10 business days to respond., those media snakes, is seeking the information because Michigan has several top players from New Jersey on its team.

Harbaugh has since tweeted he will release the roster on Aug. 30, three days before its first game against Florida.

Until then, Michigan’s website is still posting its 2016 roster, which includes 11 players since drafted by the NFL.

What Washington State Coach Mike Leach recently tweeted:

--A video of a dog peeing in a urinal and then flushing the toilet.

--“14 stunning waterfall instagrams from fans.”

--“Florida fire fighter catches 409-pound fish—Fox news.”

--“Go see THE HITMANS BODYGUARD! Great movie. Sort of like 48 HOURS go international.”

What Alabama Coach Nick Saban said about Monday’s eclipse:

“That’s not something that I’m really not that focused on right now.”