Broken Coverage


An irreverent look at things said, tweeted, posted and gone amuck in college foot

A horse is a horse, of Corso, of Corso: Dozed off during Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech on Monday and dreamed ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, during the game, was watching a horse race on television with his son.

Naaah—that’s crazy.

Boy was I shocked Tuesday morning, when watching a replay playback, to learn that I wasn’t dreaming.

Turns out Herbstreit owns a piece of a horse, “Soul Streit,” and that ESPN cut away from the game to show Herbstreit & Son cheering on their investment.

Next week: Herbie and son play craps in the production truck?

Man, in times like these, I miss Jimmy the Greek.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

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Give me that old time religion (football): Liberty canceled classes Monday to celebrate last weekend’s upset win over Baylor. The school run by Jerry Falwell’s son also lifted its strict curfew, midnight most nights, to allow the students to attend a 2 a.m. welcome home for the victors.

Part of Liberty’s strict code—you might want to sit down for this one—is that students are not allowed to do laundry after midnight.

Some believe this edict was put in effect in response to the unholy practices of a certain man-of-cloth depicted in the anti-God Beatles’ song: Eleanor Rigby:

“Father McKenzie…darning his socks in the night when nobody's there.”

Baylor, for what it’s worth, did not allow dancing on campus from 1845 to 1996.

This week in tweet with Washington State Coach Mike Leach. I can’t believe he and Nick Saban coach the same sport, in power 5 conferences.

Saban’s lips are so tightly compressed during the season he could spit out diamonds at his press conferences. Here is Saban after his Alabama team dominated top-five Florida State, in the opener.

“We’ll focus on improving and doing the things we need from here on out to try to get better as a team. We certainly know where we’re at right now.”

That could have been a quote from a losing coach.

Alabama, for what it’s worth, held Florida State to 40 yards rushing.

Washington State also had a good week, beating Montana State, 31-0.

Leach has since held a press conference in which he answered detailed questions about the existence of aliens and Big Foot.

He also answered a question about his favorite cookie:


Leach’s twitter feed is must-read but he doesn’t focus much on football.

It’s refreshing, actually, and makes you think football coaching isn’t as life-or-death as some guys make it out to be.

They said it: Texas Coach Tom Herman on losing the opener to Maryland: “We’re our own worst enemies now.”

This is not to be confused with “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

That is a War of 1812 line attributed to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry after capturing British warships at the Battle of Lake Erie.

Herman’s line was probably more an off shoot of “We have now met the enemy and he is us.”

That was a Walt Kelly “Pogo” cartoon from 1970 referring to the Vietnam War.[/membership]