Broken Coverage: SEC in Pullman? Former Bama coach gets worse



Broken Coverage was as shocked as anyone to see grainy video of former Florida Coach Steve Spurrier in Pullman last weekend... because everyone knows Gators don't ever leave the state for non-conference games.

This was as exciting to us as one of Mike Leach's "Big Foot" sightings.

Florida football hasn't ventured outside the Sunshine State in the regular season since losing at Syracuse in....1991. Florida hasn't won an out-of-state roadie since Memphis in 1989. Of course, none of this has stopped Florida from winning national titles in 1996, 2006 and 2008.

Credit: WashingtonStateCougarAthetics

Spurrier, The Head Ball Coach, admitted it was first time he had ever been to Washington State. You bet he had a good reason for it. His son, Steve Jr., is an assistant on Mike Leach's coaching staff.

Spurrier even spoke to the team and inspired the Cougars to a home win over Utah.

"You can play with anybody," Spurrier said, "you know that."

Why would anyone go to Pullman?

"They say you're either going to a football game, or going to school, or you work here," Spurrier said in a video posted on the school's website.

Spurrier, of course, also coached at South Carolina, so this really may be as close as the SEC will ever get to Martin Stadium.

Washington State has played Tennessee five times, all in Knoxville, and Auburn twice, both in Alabama.

The Cougars have met Alabama once, in the 1931 Rose Bowl.

Wait, though, there is historical data showing an SEC team playing WSU in the state of Washington.

It was Texas A&M, in 1941. The Aggies, though, were then members of the SWC.

And the game was in Tacoma.

Second Amendment, Meet the First 

Former Alabama Coach Mike Dubose accidentally shot himself in the abdomen this week and the response on social media was just as you might expect from a guy who had the nerve to post a 25-24 record in Tuscaloosa.

A few random gems culled from a Rivals team page:

"Apparently he's bad at more than coaching." (Houndsztooth1)

"He got tired of shooting himself in the foot." (DiegoRollTide)

"Was he with Dick Cheney?" (Bamagrad75)

The good news is that Dubose's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.



I like when athletes fess up to their mistakes, it makes them more human. We'd like to blame the education Kyrie received at Duke but he barely lasted a year before going one-and-done to the NBA. Had Irving stayed a second year he would have learned the Moon is not really made out of cheese.


Hey, We'll Show You Undisciplined

Scott Frost is having a rough first year at his alma mater.

"We honestly look like one of the most undisciplined teams in the country, and it kills me," Frost said after Nebraska was penalized 11 times for 136 yards in last week's 42-28 loss to Purdue. "...We've got a lot of warriors on this team and a lot of guys that played well enough to win but I'm tired of coaching an undisciplined team."

To boost Frost's spirits Broken Coverage has sent him the game tape from USC's 24-20 win at Arizona last weekend. The Trojans nearly blew a 24-0 second-half lead and were penalized 18 times! USC finished with more penalties than completed passes (16).

Frost and Helton are even using similar language to describe their underachieving, undisciplined squads.

"We fought like warriors," Helton said after a 17-3 loss in Palo Alto in which the Trojans failed to score a touchdown against Stanford for the first time since 1941.

Yahoo! Wants a Urine Test; Barstool demands a Sample 

Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott is getting creamed for his response to an obvious not-called targeting call on USC's Porter Gustin during a recent Friday night game against Washington State.

Former Michigan star Desmond Howard, a former Heisman Trophy winner, struck the winning pose on Twitter.


Les is More

Louisiana State is playing at Florida this weekend and that should be nothing but a 100 tons of SEC fun. It's good thing, though, that Federal Laws on gambling and pot are being loosened or these two former coaches could be in trouble with their commissioner. Unless Steve Spurrier was talking about the actual field grass Les Miles used to chew before LSU games? Yeah, probably. Loved this playful exchange:




Broken Coverage can't believe it's been 10 years since the great Stink Bomb of 2008 in which Auburn outlasted Mississippi State, three cowbells to to two.

Unfortunately, Auburn's starter didn't get credited with the win because he failed to pitch five innings.

The schools are playing again this week in Starkville.


Auburn scored on Wes Byrum's 36-yard field goal, while MSU's only points came when an Auburn lineman was called for holding in his own end zone. As you can see in this commemorative snapshot, that's a safety.

Good news: Auburn at Mississippi State can never be considered the worst game in college history so long as archives exist of the 1983 Civil War Game played in Eugene between Oregon and Oregon State.

That one ended in a 0-0 tie and is forever remembered as "The Toilet Bowl."