First College Football Playoff ranking shows lack of respect for the Pacific North...where?

Pac 12 to college football: "Hey we're over here! No, higher and to the West. No, over here! Like the Hitchcock movie: North by way, way Northwest."

The College Football Playoff selection committee clearly hates salmon.

Maybe the members just did it on purpose, or for fun, just to keep our ribs poked.

Penn State, which beat Ohio State but lost to Michigan by 39 points, at No. 12?

Ok, that was cute. When is the statue of James Franklin going up?

The first four teams in the playoff were supposed to be Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and Washington, basically in that order. Those are undefeated teams from four of the five power conferences. The fifth power league, the Big 12, has no remaining unbeaten schools.

The committee went with Alabama, Clemson, Michigan and Texas A&M, with Washington at No. 5.

Why? Who knows.

The bottom line is it really doesn't matter, but it did seem another unnecessary dig at the Pac 12, which already suffers from an inferiority complex.

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Alabama and Texas A&M are in the same division, the SEC West.

One of those teams is not going to win the division and advance to the SEC title game.

Washington, if it wins out, will be 13-0 with an extra victory in the Pac 12 championship game.

The committee will not chose a one-loss, divisional runner-up over an undefeated power conference champion...we THINK.

Anyway, the first CFP show seemed to be all about show, maybe even for ratings.

So why pick on Washington now?

Ironically, in the old BCS system, which tortured the Pac for 16 years, Washington would be comfortably ahead of Texas A&M.

Washington is ranked higher this week in both polls, AP and USA Today, and computer systems run by Sagarin, Massey, Anderson-Hester and Billingsley.

We knew from the beginning Washington's non-conference schedule was not very good--Rutgers, Portland State and Idaho. But Washington has certainly passed the eye test, other than an overtime victory at Arizona.

A guy on ESPN said Monday that Washington had not been tested until last weekend at Utah.

Really? Washington actually blew out Stanford, the defending Rose Bowl champions. Stanford isn't great this year, but is 5-3 with wins over USC, UCLA and Notre Dame.

Texas A&M played UCLA in non-conference, winning at home in overtime, but also played Prairie View and New Mexico State, with Texas San Antonio still to come.

Gee, if only Washington had had the chance to lose to Alabama by three Oregon touchdowns (19 points, with two-failed two-point conversions).

How would you explain the disrespect for the Pac 12 North Division, ranked only behind the SEC West in the latest Sagarin ratings?

How could Washington and Washington State, a combined 10-0 in that division, have an average CFP ranking of No. 15.

I know Washington State lost its opener to Eastern Washington, followed by a tough loss at Boise State. But how is Washington State playing now?

Anyway, it's too early to get worked up over anything, except for the fact it's obvious Washington and Washington State still reside in the faraway northwest.

Do they even have postal service there?

The Pac 12 continues to be undercut by lack of exposure, late night games and other geographical complications.

But this is nothing new.[/membership]