FSU\Nebraska exit Week 3 with one combined comeback win over Samford

Orange used to look good on Florida State and the notion of Nebraska losing at home to Troy would be acceptable, maybe, if it was USC.


What happened to our icons?

Tom Osborne: “Bobby?”

Bobby Bowden: “Dadgummit, Tom, I don’t know.”

Saturday delivered a jarring blow to two of the greatest and proudest programs of the last half-century.

Florida State and Nebraska, which played in consecutive high-stakes Orange bowls in the meat of the pre-BCS 1990s, are now having stakes driven through them.

The Seminoles and Cornhuskers are a collective 1-4 today after losing Saturday games, frankly, that weren’t that close.

Florida State lost at Syracuse, 30-7, falling to 1-2 a week after almost losing at home to Samford. The Seminoles were ridiculously favored at Syracuse but ultimately lucky to avoid their first shutout since 2006.

Some Syracuse fans started chanting “We Want Bama.” Hold the juice, there, Orange.

Nebraska fell to 0-2, for the first time since 1957, after a 24-19 home loss to Troy.

FSU and Nebraska have come a long way (down) since the Orange Bowl epic of 1994, capping one college football’s greatest seasons.

Bowden won his first of two national titles with a 18-16 win over Nebraska, breaking his hard-luck streak. Bowden would add another title in 1999, while hard-luck Osborne rebounded to win national titles in 1995, 1996 and a half-share in 1997.

These days both programs are headed toward the Blue Bowl.

At least Nebraska has an excuse, playing Saturday’s game without injured quarterback Adrian Martinez, the situation made worse when backup Tristian Gebbia transferred to Oregon State after losing the summer competition. That left the Huskers with walk-on Andrew Bunch.

We’re going to cut first-year coach Scott Frost some slack, thinking that Nebraska can still flip their Omaha steaks.

Florida State looks like a tattered mess under first-year coach Willie Taggart, who bolted Oregon without leaving a note to take the job vacated by Jimbo Fisher.

It’s hard to believe the Seminoles, 7-6 last year, won a national title in the last year and while under Bowden, finished top four in the final AP poll 14 straight seasons (1987-2000).

Bottom line: Things are a little “Frosty” in Lincoln and getting hotter, by the minute, in Tallahassee.