No. 4 Alabama

Three comments Nick Saban might have made at famous moments in history:


--Battle of Hastings:1066

“Was here. In my office. Working. Didn’t hear about it. We have our wars internally, every day of the year. We call it the Battle of 24-7.”

--Columbus Discovers America: 1492.

“No comment but I will tell you this: I just discovered we are not very good on special teams.”

--Man Walks on Moon. 1969.

“Not interested unless our AD, without me knowing, got us a neutral-site game there against USC.”

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--Presidential Election. 2016

“I didn’t even know yesterday was election day.”

--Solar Eclipse. Aug. 21, 2017

“If the players want to go out there and get some sun glasses and look at it I guess they can. That’s not something I’m really that focused on right now.”

The only glasses Saban wears are “cheaters” to create more tunnel vision.

He is the most focused coach in America, in any sport. Saban almost makes Bill Belichick seem like a Kindergarten day-dreamer.

Saban probably didn’t even hear the news Friday that Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney agreed to a new contract that will average $6.75 million a year.

Swinney got that contract extension because he beat Saban on a buzzer-beater in last year’s national title game in Tampa.

Last year, according to USA Today, Saban made $6.9 million at Alabama.

If Saban paid attention to this kind of stuff, this time of year, he’d ask for a pay raise.

No way that one last-second touchdown should put Swinney at the same level as Saban, who sets the bar for excellence in his sport.

Swinney is 89-28 at Clemson, compared to Saban’s 119-19 record at Alabama.

Excuse me?

Saban is too head-deep into the Florida State opener to care about any of this. Please don’t bother him about petty things-ever.

Saban barely allows himself to celebrate victories, so imagine what it was like to be him after losing the title game last year.

He probably thinks 12-1 was a clown show when you consider the circus he had to endure putting up with, not one, but TWO former USC coaches he hired as offensive coordinators.

It’s safe to say, after Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian, he’s done with former USC disciples of Pete Carroll.

Kiffin did open up the offense, and help Alabama to a national title, but you get the sense Saban is ready to dispense the fancy stuff and go back to 2009.

My sense is that Saban, this year, is going to prove that his way is the best way. Alabama thought it had to upgrade its offense to keep up with the new fads in the SEC.

Well, enough of that. The guess here is that Saban is going to run the ball down America’s throat this year with a smash-mouth style he prefers.

He’s going to tell quarterback Jalen Hurts to manage the offense while he pummels defensive fronts with the one-two running attack of Damien Harris and Bo Scarbrough.

Saban’s going to rely on the foundation of a defense that finished first nationally last year. He’s going to replace five lost starters with five great replacements and win more games by the score of 17-0.

If you’re betting Bama this year, take “under.”

What Saban is going to do won’t be pretty and will be doubly ugly for you.

Alabama’s new foot print will be a foot stomp.

It may cost him in a couple hard-fought battles, in the beginning against Florida State, and in the end at Auburn.

But this is the way it’s going to be.[/membership]