Rankman's picks: Week 11

After inching back to .500 for the season, Rankman fell off the Wells Fargo wagon last week with a dismal 1-3 effort that included being stupid enough to take the “under” on a Pac 12 game featuring Washington at California. My choice was “under” whelming. Time to strap it back up and “buckle my junk,” as CBS announcer Aaron Taylor said of Arkansas’ defensive effort last week against Florida. This week's picks are Stanford at Oregon, Mississippi State at Alabama, Mississippi at Texas A&M and bonus over-under: Stanford at Oregon.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

The game: Stanford giving 3 at OREGON

The pick: Stanford, 45-25

The comment: Stanford didn’t play well at home last week against Oregon State but superstar Christian McCaffrey is starting to play like he did last year on his way to breaking Barry Sanders’ all-purpose yardage record.

Mississippi State getting 30 at ALABAMA

The pick: Mississippi State (Score: Alabama 35-10)

The comment: Alabama may be a little flat after last week’s 10-0 win at LSU and doesn’t need to run up any score to protect its lead in the CFP ranking. Mississippi State is coming off an emotional and impressive win against previous “No. 4” Texas A&M.

TEXAS A&M giving 10 to Mississippi

The pick: Texas A&M, 35-20

The comment: Quick, take this spread fast while it lasts. Texas A&M will be hopping mad after last week’s loss to Mississippi State and will want to take it out on the other Mississippi, which has lost star QB Chad Kelly to a season-ending knee injury.

Bonus pick: No more messing around with “under” and the Pac 12. The over-under of 57 featuring Stanford at Oregon seems low for a game that features Christian McCaffrey on one team and Oregon’s defense on the other.

Take: OVER

Last week: 1-3

Season: 18-20-3[/membership]