Rankman & Son Pick 6: Week 8

Stay humble, we said. There would be days like this, we said. But this is not a he-said, he-said. We here at Rankman & Son take responsibility for the blips and dips of fake sport wagering and prepared for winter's day the way an Apocalypse survivalist stores canned beans in his Montana cabin. Rankman & Son build up a nice W-L cushion to absorb last week's 1-5 hit to our collective egos.


No worries, these things happen. The over-under on Washington at Oregon was 57.5. Oregon scored in OT to hit 57 but, by rule, didn't have to kick the extra point that would have put Rankman over the top. Son of Rankman, after a blistering start, got hit with an 0-3 punch that definitely left a bruise. But he is still 12-7-2 for the season and WE are 22-18-2 overall and are ready to press forward. Our only win last weekend was suddenly reliable Louisiana-Lafayette, which beat Vegas for a second straight week. You say Rajin, we say Cajun!


Father Knows Bets

Louisiana at Appalachian State (-25.5)

Arizona at UCLA (-8)

Oregon at Washington State (67.5)

Son's Games

Cincinnati at Temple (-3)

Houston (-11) at Navy

Oklahoma at TCU (61)

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Rankman's winners

There was no way we were going to leave Louisiana on the bench this week no matter the difficulty of playing at Appalachian State in the high heavens of Boone, N.C. This is a tough draw but we think Louisiana has enough offense to stay within 25.5.

The Pick: Louisiana

The Score: Appalachian State 45-25


"Thou shalt NOT get emotionally involved with the local teams" is a Bible verse Rankman believes in with every ounce of his fiber, but that said...Last week, on our TMG podcast, I predicted UCLA would win its first game of the season, at Cal, and the Bruins won easily. The second pick I didn't make was Pitt covering 17 points at Notre Dame. Had I gone with my gut I would have been 3-0 instead of 1-2. The bottom line is, when duty calls, "go with your gutty little Bruins." UCLA is hosting Arizona, playing without injured QB Khalil Tate.

The Pick: UCLA

The Score: UCLA, 35-20


Oregon at Washington State is so big ESPN hired a former pass-rush specialist\trail guide named Sack-a-jawea to lead GameDay to its first ever trip to Pullman. This game will test the theory that there is no over line large enough for a Pac 12 game that starts after dark on the East Coast. Man, though, 67.5 is a lot of gravy to pour.

The Pick: Over 

Son's winners:

Son thinks Cincinnati (6-0) will be motivated by being installed as three-and-a-half point underdogs at Temple, which is 4-3 and coming off a narrow win over Navy. The U of C Bearcats are tanned and rested after an off week and looking to prove their No. 20 ranking is no fluke.

The Pick: Cincinnati

The Score: Cincinnati, 27-24


Son says Houston is plenty of offensive oil to cover the 11 points at Navy while the defense, which allows only 116 yards per game, should be able to contain all Midshipmen rushing options.

The Pick: Houston

The Score: Houston, 38-20


Son is biting over (62) on Oklahoma at Texas Christian despite the fact the Sooners recently fired Mike Stoops as defensive coordinator. Even interim replacement Ruffin McNeill acknowledged there was no "magic wand" to fix Oklahoma's problems during an open week.

The Pick: Over[/membership]