Harbaugh Weekly: Got Brady? Got milk? Got spikes? You bet.

First, the Colorado Buffaloes sports information staff made fun of Jim Harbaugh’s refusal to give out a Michigan depth chart by making up one of its own, including deodorants starting at right guard and Vito Corleone and James Bond on the defensive line.

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Harbaugh didn’t think it was funny.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

``In our preparation for Colorado, we've had a hard time working humor into the preparations,'' he said in a radio interview on 97.1 FM in Detroit. ``I was trying to imagine how many people sat around and how many hours they worked on that. . . . We just felt like modern technology was the most accurate way of knowing what the opponent's depth chart is by looking at the previous week's film. Not relying on another PR director's assessment of what the depth chart is.''

It's a convenience, Coach. For those who are comfortable with stating the obvious.

Then again, Michigan is one of the few major college football programs that doesn't provide transcripts of its press conferences. Fans and media have to work for this stuff, just like the guys who tackle and get tackled in the Big House.

Next, the Wolverines coach played catch before the Colorado game with Michigan alum Tom Brady. The guy with all the New England Patriots jewelry.

That was a thrill.

``That was right there with my dad, playing catch with my dad,’’ he said. ``Tom’s got a good arm, by the way. He can rip it. He can throw it well. I wish I wouldn’t have given him the wind.’’

Then Michigan spotted the Buffaloes a 21-7 lead in a messy first quarter before rallying to win 45-28.

That was also a good thing, according to Harbaugh’s monster tight end, Jake Butt: ``In the first two games, we were never really punched in the face," he said. ``It wasn't going to be a fairy tale the whole season."

Speaking of fairy tales, Harbaugh and his wife, Sarah, who is pregnant with their third child, star in some commercials for a milk producer.

They’re either darling or grating, depending on your view of Harbaugh, same as with everything else in Harbaugh’s life.

I have chosen to find Harbaugh fascinating and amusing, because there are enough things in life—many of them very popular with the rest of the world—that I find completely intolerable. My wife, Liz, will attest to that.

For example, after Harbaugh wore cleats to throw out the first ball at a Cub game, my friend Gene Wojciechowski, the immensely talented and photogenic ESPN columnist, busted the Michigan coach about donning spikes and bringing his own glove.

``Who doesn’t?’’ Harbaugh said.

``Everybody,’’ Geno replied.

The exchange comes at the 1:30 mark on this clip.

It was seriously good fun, and good cable television.

Oh, and by the way, Harbaugh’s outstanding resume as a coach makes it all work.

Next up is Penn State, which has lost the last two meetings after beating the Wolverines four straight times. Before that, the maize-and-blue had won nine straight in the series.

Expect Michigan to build on its streak vs. the Nittany Lions. And expect the unexpected to continue to emanate from coach Harbaugh.

Like his team, he’s relentless.[/membership]