Ian Poulter or Ann Coulter? Kirby Smart or Maxwell Smart? Baby Ruth or Babe Ruth? You make the call.


Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Time to play The Name Game. . . 

Ian Poulter or Ann Coulter?

Phil Mickelson or Jack Nicholson?

Joe Maddon or John Madden?

Derrick Rose or Derek and the Dominoes?

Roger Maris or April in Paris?

Baby Ruth or Babe Ruth?

Clint Eastwood or Lee Westwood?

Michele Wie or Nintendo Wii?

Nancy Pelosi or Jim Fregosi?

Mitch McConnell or Rocket J. Squirrel?

Peyton Manning or Walter Payton?

Christy Mathewson or Chris Matthews?

Reinsdorf or Gandalf?

Houston Astros or Stroh’s?

Detroit Lions or dandelions?

Peter Bogdanovich or Rudy Tomjanovich?

Tonya Harding or Warren G. Harding?

Arnold Palmer or Potter Palmer or Harry Potter?

Pete Rozelle or New Rochelle?

Billy the Kid or Johnny Manziel?

John Daly or Boo Weekley?

The Kentucky Derby or the Kurward Derby?

Tiger Woods or Tony the Tiger?

Lebron James or Lyndon Baines Johnson?

Knute Rockne or Newton Minow?

Garry Shandling or Larry Sanders?

Fred Couples or Kraft Singles?

Mike Krzyzewksi or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Joe Montana or Indiana Jones?

Amen Corner or The Hot Corner?

Sandy Koufax or Ernie Kovacs?

Kirby Smart or Maxwell Smart?

Ichiro or The Seven-Year Itch?

Dale Earnhardt or Sarah Bernhardt?

Joe B. Hall or Monty Hall?

Bobby Knight or Billie Jean King?

Jason Day or Bobby Knight?

Wayne Gretzky or John Wayne?

Jack Nicklaus or St. Nicholas?

John Wooden or the Wizard of Oz?

Amos Alonzo Stagg or Fred Couples?

Jerry Seinfeld or Harry Steinfeldt?

Tony La Russa or Rudy LaRusso?

Bonnie and Clyde or Spahn and Sain?

Bill Murray or What Me Worry?

Mark Emmert or Jim Thorpe?

Paul Coffey or Tee Martin?

Ben Zobrist or Efrem Zimbalist?