10 Questions on CFB's last weekend of regular/champ game season

As we begin the final full day of college football season before it's bowling for dollars time, here are 10 questions we need answered to wrap up things up

1. Will the CFB Playoff Selection committee reward Penn State if the Nittany Lions win the Big Ten title? Answer: No

2. Will the SEC and Big Ten title games be totally meaningless in terms of the playoffs? Answer: Yes

3. Will the Selection committee reward Western Michigan's unbeaten season with a Cotton Bowl berth? Answer: Yes

4. Will the Selection Committee move USC ahead of Colorado in the final standings, which would put the Trojans in the Rose Bowl, unless the committee penalizes Washington for winning the Pac-12 title by keeping the Huskies out of the playoffs? Answer: Yes

5. Will Clemson QB Deshaun Watson have a big enough game against Virginia Tech to overcome Louisville QB in the Heisman race? Answer: No

6. Will this be Alabama OC Lane Kiffin's last game with the Tide? Answer Yes

7. If it is, will Kiffin be a head coach by next week? Answer: Yes

8. If Clemson wins impressively, will the selection committee move the Tigers to No. 2 and Washington to No. 3 and drop Ohio State to No. 4? Answer: Yes

9. Will Western Michigan coach PJ Fleck still be at Western Michigan next week? Answer: Yes

10. Will any conference have two teams in the Final Four? Answer: No