Any more doubters that the Patriots are the GOAT leaders in the NFL?

Another Patriot Super Bowl win ho hum as the New England dynasty rolls on

We tried to tell Mr. College Football and his followers that Clemson would roll over Alabama in the CFB national championship game, but he was Mr. CFB and Bama had Saint Nick.

And last week, Rankman, the California kid with his West Coast passion argued that the Los Angeles Rams would be too much for an aging Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

It didn't matter that the Patriots had at least two G.O.A.T. candidates in Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. But you could argue that Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski was in that discussion and we even added long time Patriot offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia also deserved consideration in that category and would be more than a match for the Rams' Aaron Donald and company wrecking crew.

No, Rankman knew better. The Rams were the right place at the right time against the right team, although he didn't miss as much as his long time LA Times colleague Bill Plaschke who picked a Rams romp.

We said we would enjoy watching National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell squirm as he handed Patriots owner Bob Kraft another Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night and we anticipated another Patriot Duck Boat victory celebration through Boston on Tuesday.

Final score: Patriots 13, Rams 3.

Goodell squirmed, the parade is Tuesday.

As to particulars? Well, Brady was Brady when he had to be, leading a game-winning TD drive in the final minutes of a 3-3 game, with Gronkowski making the key catch, which gave the Pats a first and goal at the Rams 2.

Donald and his plans were as tough as expected, but when the Patriots needed to run the ball, they ran. When they needed to protect Brady, they protected Brady and the Patriot offensive line performed the way Scarnecchia wanted them to perform.

And then there was the Patriot defense, led by outgoing (and now Miami Dolphin head coach) Brian Flores and, of course, Belichick, found a way to not only neutralize the Rams offense, but made QB Jared Goff look like a rookie who didn't have a clue as to what was going on.

The Rams didn't score a TD, didn't mount a drive until the final minutes and never made it to the Red Zone once.

They did punt 9 times. It was a coaching mismatch between Belichick and the Rams 33-year old Sean McVay.

For the final kicker, we tried to tell Rankman that the LA in Rams, meant Losers Again, just like the Dodgers.

We tried to tell Rankman that this was going to happen, but just like Mr. CFB (Tony Barnhart), they were sure they were right.

But we move on.

There will be more debates between North and South and East and West. We look forward to them.

But that will have to wait, we have to get ready to watch another New England/Boston victory parade.

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Herb Gould
Herb Gould


And they didn't even deflate any footballs or shoot any illicit video of Rams' practice. . . as far as we know. Congrats on winning the M-BOAT (most boring Super Bowl. Ever.).