BC can find its way back but...

Extra musings from an outsider about Boston College, aka The Heights because Saturday's game against Syracuse is a season maker-or breaker-for BC coach Steve Addazio and the Eagles.

There is a way for Boston College to get back on the path to winning 6 games and earn a bowl berth but it is narrower than The Donald's narrowing route to the Presidency.

And maybe the wise guys from Vegas, of all people, gave us a glance on how to do it.

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BC's last game was a 56-10 blow out loss to Clemson. The Eagles' last Atlantic Coast Conference loss before that was a 49-0 pounding by Virginia Tech. BC's last ACC win was on Nov. 29, 2014, which started a streak of 11 winless conference encounters spanning nearly two years, a streak which still stands going into Saturday's game.

BC's next opponent is Syracuse, which comes to Alumni Stadium on Saturday. The Orange are coming off a 31-20 win over Virginia Tech last week at The Dome. They are 3-4 and haven't looked horrible against anyone, including a 62-28 loss to Louisville, which was competitive for a half--Ville led 33-21 at halftime. The win against Virginia Tech was not a fluke.

Yet, BC began the week as a 6-point favorite over BC, a spread which has shrunk to 4.5 points.

What does Vegas know that overcomes a 49-0 loss by BC to Tech, as opposed to a 31-20 Syracuse win over the Hokies?

Well, here's the logic and our reasons for projecting potentially good news for BC and its dwindling cast of fans.

Syracuse plays better in The Dome. It is coming off an emotional win and a let down is natural. The last ACC team BC beat in Nov. 2014 was...Syracuse.

BC is coming off a bye week. BC defensive line coach--and former Syracuse head coach Paul Pasqualoni-- has apparently taken over calling the defensive plays, which puts current BC defensive coordinator Jim Reid in an interesting spot. But that is an issue for another day. Pasqualoni, no doubt, is working his X's and O's chart overtime.

Former BC linebacker and current Carolina Panther All Pro, Luke Kuechly, will be at Alumni Stadium in a ceremony. His No. 40 jersey will be retired.

These are all positive signs for BC. If I were BC coach Steve Addazio, I would have Kuechly either make a pre-game, or a Friday night, talk to his team. I would play it like it's a one game season, because it might be.

BC can win this game. If that happens, BC will have four wins. It gets better for the Eagles. Next week's game is a road trip to North Carolina State. Normally that would be a tough win to get because the Wolfpack has recently been playing some solid football, with a win over Notre Dame and an overtime loss at Clemson. This week the Wolfpack has to travel to Louisville.

That's three emotional high profile games in succession. No matter what happens against Louisville, the Wolfpack is headed for a letdown. If BC can win Saturday and pull off the upset of NC State next week, it will be 5-3 with four games remaining. A bowl bid would seem possible since two of the Eagles' last four games are against UConn (home) and Wake Forest (away). Beating Louisville (home), or Florida State (away), does not seem likely.

So there it is for the "glass if half filled'' segment of Eagle nation. A chance to erase the gloom and doom from The Heights in the next two weeks.

It can happen, but in order for it to work, BC is faced with one issue in which there is NO MARGIN FOR ERROR. It must find a way to beat Syracuse.[/membership]