BC keeps on rolling

(An outsiders musings about the happenings at Boston College, AKA The Heights)

Let's start with some numbers.




3 TD passes. 19 of 24 passes completed for 275 yards

247 total yards (allowed)

First 4 possessions produced 3, 7,7, and 7 points.

All of this was part of the landscape in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday afternoon as Boston College rolled to a 41-10 win over the University of Virginia, which evened BC's overall record at 4-4.

A pretty picture for Eagle fans, who might call it down right beautiful.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

And this wasn't a non-conference "exhibition'' game against an FCS opponent like Wagner or Howard. This was against a Virginia team that had won 5 of its first six games and was talking about becoming bowl eligible a week before Halloween, quite an accomplishment for a squad that was a woeful 2-10 a year ago.

And this was a road win following a road upset of Louisville a week ago that looked even better following the Cardinals 31-28 win at Florida State on Saturday, although beating the Seminoles in Tallahassee isn't that a big deal any more, is it?

What makes it even more intriguing for Coach Steve Addazio's Eagles is that BC can continue its October surprise on Friday night when FSU (2-4) comes to The Heights for a Halloween weekend visit.

And here's a more startling thought. BC might even be favored in the game. Think about it. Playing at home, better record, win vs. a loss over a common opponent.

But that's next week's puzzle. Let's take a quick look at all the things BC did right in posting 40 or more points on the scoreboard in back to back games for the first time in 15 seasons.

Led by redshirt freshman QB Anthony Brown--numbers above---the Eagles scored on their first four possessions of the game in taking a 24-7 lead that Virginia could not make up because the BC defense didn't allow much--the 247 yards of total offense.

"Today we played with a lot of confidence and it showed,'' said Brown, who is beginning to truly blossom as a QB running the BC offense.

It was lots of happy news for the Eagles who now can look at the final four games of the regular season and project where the two wins necessary to become bowl eligible might come. They can talk, as Addazio has all season, about growing as a team in both maturity and success.

Addazio certainly will throw in a cautionary warning this week that the remainder of the season offers pot holes on every corner.

FSU is followed by a bye week, which is followed by North Carolina State, UConn and Syracuse, none of which can be considered as certain, even UConn which has rebounded from its slow start with back to back victories.

And if you are a glass is half empty person, you could project BC still finishing with a 4-8 or 5-7 record, which would again raise questions about the direction of the program.

But this is more of a sunny day story, which is what BC deserves right now, including and probably especially Addazio who has preached patience for five years and will continue to do so.

""I'm proud of our team,'' said Addazio. |"We're on a real mission.''

Addazio also looked at the effort with a critical eye. ""We're putting up some real good numbers,'' he said. ""Some good things are starting to happen. We're still a young, developing team, but we've been through the grinder now. We believe in each other. The last two weeks we're playing at a very high level. We've got the makings of a really good football team now.[/membership]