BC reportedly down to 3 finalists as AD

Officially, all is quiet on the Boston College campus. The school is shut down for the holiday/religious Easter weekend.

But that does not mean the process of finding a new athletic director has been put into the "sleep'' mode. According to several sources familiar with the proceedings, Boston College President Father William Leahy has been presented a list of 3 names.

Leahy will presumably look over the files of those three names over the weekend. The candidates will then be ranked in sequential order and brought in for interviews, although the interview process might stop after the first candidate if an agreement can be reached.

According to other sources familiar with the process, the list includes one candidate who is outside the normal athletic director/administrator box and the two others are either ADs from non-Power 5 leagues or Senior Associate Power 5 conferences.

Barring unexpected developments, BC should be ready to make an announcement by the middle of next week.

What does remain murky to all but Father Leahy's inner circle is a credible identification of those finalists.

Speculation will continue, but with BC it is often pointless to guess using logic, so we will just wait a little longer for signs that a decision has been made.