BC-Wake Forest must deal with Hurricane Florence

Officials from Boston College and Wake Forest, scheduled to play their conference opener on Thursday in Winston-Salem, are intensely monitoring the impending arrival of Hurricane Florence, projected to hit the North Carolina coast sometime that evening.

On Tuesday, the Atlantic Coast Conference, ESPN and both schools made their first concession to the weather, moving the start time from 7:30 p.m. EST up to 5:30. Presumably that would be enough ahead of the weather system for the game to be played and BC to fly back to Boston.

Early forecasts predicted less than a half of inch of rain and marginal winds during the 5 pm to 10 pm time frame on Thursday night.

But it he storm picks up speed, there could be a problem. There is no logical date for rescheduling the game. BC has an open date on Oct. 20, but Wake has a game scheduled for that day against Florida State.

Wake's open week is Oct. 13, but BC has a game scheduled on that date against Louisville.

The next open week would be on Dec. 1, which is the same date as the ACC championship game. Neither Wake nor BC is projected as making it to that level, but until the games have been played, you can not make any pre-judgments.

Another possibility could be to push Thursday's game back to Saturday, but the long range forecast calls for heavy rain for several days, which would pose a flooding problem.

Stay tuned for further developments.