Big 12 looking at expansion--again

The word came out of Dallas on Tuesday.

The Big 12 had decided that bigger was also better. Expansion of two--or four--schools will be considered.

So here's the fun part. Which 2 or 4? Here's an idea that already has suggested.

Add BYU and Connecticut as football only members. That takes care of the "Sunday'' issue with BYU and allows the Cougars to compete in the other sports in the West Coast Conference.

UConn becomes a factor for a simple reason. It can go to the Big East in other sports, and have a Power 5 conference berth in football. Any other school would have a more difficult time of finding a home for its other sports.

Then take Cincinnati and UCF and add them as full members, which then creates a solid Eastern block of teams--West Virginia, UConn and Cincinnati as well as gives the Big 12 a footprint in Florida.

That is only one of many scenarios. If it's only two schools, adding BYU as a football member only still makes sense and adding one other school in all sports could be a compromise.

The Big 12 says it will take a few months to sort all of this out.

Count on the decision coming faster.

The apparent loser in this could be the American Athletic Conference. The AAC can take a hit of one or even two schools, but if it's a 3 school Big 12 raid, the picture gets much darker.