Blue skies over BC, what a thing

(An outsiders musings from Boston College, aka The Heights)

It was almost 60 degrees in Boston on Thursday--in January. The snow was melting, the sun even peeked out to see what was going on.

And at Boston College, you could almost hear birds chirping. The men's basketball team has played four games in the Atlantic Coast Conference and has won twice, which is two more times than the Eagles won in 18 ACC games last season.

The football team finished the season with a 3 game winning streak, including a bowl victory (over Maryland) to finish with a 7-6 record.

Harold Landry, a 6-foot-3 inch, 250 pound defensive end with NFL first round potential chose to remain at The Heights for anther season.

Redshirt freshman QB Anthony Brown awaits a spring and summer camp of seasoning and some competition from Darius Wade before easing into his new role as a star of the future.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

The Eagles grabbed a four star running back recruit who had decommitted from the University of Michigan.

And on Thursday, BC learned that its away game, scheduled for next November against UConn, will be switched to Fenway Park, giving the Eagles at least a chance to have an additional "home'' game.

What in the name of Doug Flutie is going on at The Heights?

Suddenly, the seats of football coach Steve Addazio and basketball coach Jim Christian have become comfortable instead of hot, with the chatter muted on the topic of buying out the remaining years of contracts and another reconstruction project in the two main revenue producing sports.

Embattled BC athletic director Brad Bates, who remains in the lame duck lane, can walk around campus with at least an attitude that sometimes good things can happen to good people if you have the patience to wait.

Give the BC administration credit--and that would be BC President Father William Leahy-for not being reactionary when the athletic world at BC seemed to be crumbling.

In an era of firings and buyouts which can unbalance budgets, BC's conservative nature of staying the course now looks more reasonable.

This is not to suggest that BC is suddenly a Camelot campus. As quickly as the weather can change in New England, BC could again drop into a crevice with an extended losing streak or a few transfers, defections or injuries.

Addazio will again be on the clock next season, beginning with the opening game at Northern Illinois and he is putting his future in the hands of a freshman QB and RB who have not played a down of college football.

The first shovel in the ground for the proposed and needed indoor practice facility has yet to move an ounce of dirt.

At BC, the inertia of the system still is the main obstacle to any significant change.

But there are more than a few signs of encouragement that the Eagles are at least pointed in the right direction.

Where they go and how they do remains to be seen. But at the very least, they have slowed down a clock which had been ticking in a doomsday scenario which suggested a major athletic house cleaning.

For now, those plans are now on hold.[/membership]