Bracketology 101: 5th Lesson

Will Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes get the Vols into the Final Four?

We are closing in on March Madness, which means a final first look at the multiple bid conferences and our first glance at the Top 4 seeds in each Region.

We have already chosen 6 conferences which we feel will receive multiple NCAA tournament bids--American (4), Atlantic Coast Conference (8), Big East (4), Big 12 (7), Big Ten (8) Pac 12 (2).

We think the SEC (8), the Atlantic 10 (2), the West Coast Conference (2) and the Mid-American Conference (2 will also be multi bid leagues, which fills 46 spots for 10 of 32 conferences. The other 22 conferences will each receive 1 bid to fill the field of 68.

But this does not take int account the possibility of upsets in conference tournament play.

Muti bids


Teams contending for bids: Tennessee, Kentucky, LSU, Auburn, Miss State, Ole Miss, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina

The SEC may be the best overall conference in the country--in basketball--in terms of depth. Tennessee seems like a lock as a No.1 and Kentucky is surging as usual.

After that, the field evens itself out, with not much difference​ between third place South Carolina and 10th place Florida.

Teams most likely to receive bids (8): Tennessee, LSU, Kentucky, South Carolina, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State, Alabama

Atlantic 10

Teams contending for bids: Dayton, VCU, George Mason, Davidson

Davidson is holding onto the top spot, but this week might flip flop on a regular basis for the remainder of the regular season.

Dayton and VCU look like the most dangerous contenders.

Teams most likely to receive bids: (2) Dayton, VCU

Mid American Conference

Teams contending for bids: Buffalo, Toledo

Buffalo might be good enough to get an at-large bid and win an NCAA game. Toledo probably needs to win the MAC tournament to receive a bid.

West Coast Conference

Teams contending for bids: Gonzaga, Saint Mary's USF

Gonzaga is once again in elite spot, but the Zags usual partner Saint Mary's is feeling some heat from San Francisco. USF will probably have to win the WCC tournament to get a spot. USF may be in the same spot.

Teams most likely to receive bids: Gonzaga, USF



1. Duke

2. Purdue

3. Houston

4. Iowa State


1. Virginia

2. Michigan

3. Va Tech

4. Louisville


1. Tennessee

2. North Carolina

3. Wisconsin

4. Texas Tech


1. Gonzaga

2. Kentucky

3. Michigan State

4. Nevada