Can Boston College turn its season around with a win over UVA?

(An outsiders musings about what is happening at Boston College, aka The Heights)


So here's the deal Boston College fans.

If the Eagles can come up with a victory on Saturday at the University of Virginia, the Eagles will climb back to .500 at 4-4.

And that will look a whole lot better than the 2-6 many people--including a Jersey Guy--had projected only a few weeks ago, going into a three game stretch against Louisville, Virginia and Florida State.

Part of the residual effects of last week's 45-42 upset at Louisville was that it made all things seem possible at The Heights, including--don't laugh--a SWEEP--of the three games.

Don't laugh.

Virginia is having a breakthrough season under second year coach Bronco Mendenhall with a 5-1 record, but the Cavs have survived as much as they have won, which means they can lose on any given Saturday.

And then we have FSU, which will be tested on Saturday against Louisville. The Seminoles have already lost 3 games this season. A loss against the Cardinals will put them at 2-4 going into next Friday night's game against BC at The Heights. Who knows how a four loss Seminole team will perform, or if they will perform at all.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Having said all of that, Virginia could roll right past BC the way it did against Duke last week and against Boise State last month. FSU could roll over Louisville and come to Boston on a mission and pound the Eagles and BC could be 3-6 and sitting on the edge of another sink hole season.

No one knows, which is one of the beauties of college football, that it can produce head scratching events on a weekly basis.

Embatttled BC coach Steve Addazio's job security status has become a cottage industry for the small corps of BC followers, who still pay attention. New BC athletic director Martin Jarmond has observed the scene since his arrival in June, but has kept his opinions to himself, merely reportedly stating that it would be "really good if BC won two of its next three games'' at a fundraising event a few weeks ago.

Well, that will happen with a win on Saturday, which should douse the "Fire Steve Addazio'' zealots' chants for the time being.

Addazio was asked this week if the win over Louisville gets BC back on "schedule''.

""In a football season, every year, for different reasons, there's ebbs and flows,'' said Addazio. ""What our mindset has really been this year--and I'm not being cliché-ish ere--has really been every day we've got to improve, every week we gradually improve. And we've got to keep swinging away. And so--and if you just keep banging on that rock--you'll find out where you are.''

BC has done enough right things at the right time to show signs that things are getting better. Conversely, they have also had breakdowns, which suggest they are a long way from getting to be where they want to be or need to be.

Last week was a case in point. Freshman running back AJ Dillon had a breakout game with a career high 272 yards and four TDS, which helped BC take a two touchdown lead twice in the fourth quarter. The Eagles' defense then allowed Louisville to get right back in the game.

Addazio knows his team can assume nothing. It can not coast, it can not look back on its victories or dwell over its losses.

""I think what the win does,'' said Addazio. ""Is help build your confidence.''

Entering the second half of a season in which the final outcome is far from decided, that is all that BC can provide for its fans right now.

But what happens at Scott Stadium on Saturday afternoon will give a much clearer path to the future.[/membership]