Despite Clemson's Big Win the World of CFB Will Not Change Much

Clemson beat Alabama for the national championship which ended a CFB season that had its moments((T(

(Taking a quick second look at the 2018 college football season)

Here's a few things we picked up:

Clemson 44 Alabama 16

And yes the sun came up this morning, even in Tuscaloosa this morning.

Here's the thing guys, as my friend and colleague Mr. College Football might say, The only change created by Clemson's one sided win was that in next season's first pre-season polls Clemson will be No. 1 and Alabama will be No. 2 instead of the other way.

That's it Both teams have Heisman quality QB's returning, both had great recruiting classes, both are guide by the two best coaches in college football and both have rosters filled with future National Football League players.​

And that's it.

See you all in New Orleans next January.


Think that the SEC is the top league in college football?

Well, the conference finished 6-6 in bowl games and the two teams from the SEC championship game, Alabama and Georgia, were 0-2, losing by a combined score of 72-37.


In the aftermath of Clemson's win over Bama, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney carried it a bit far when he talked ""little old Clemson''.

Are you kidding me. ""Little old Clemson''' has had double digit wins for the last 10 seasons and has now won two of three national championships.

They also have arguably the best practice facility in the country, a 55 million dollar "resort'', which can woo recruits from anywhere in the country.


Some Bama fans are melting down because they feel Alabama coach Nick Saban had a bad night and numerous bad calls.

He did. And The Tide played its worst game in more than a decade.

It happens--to everyone. Get over it Bama fans.

Saban is human. Really. And the Tide has played poorly before--but still won. The national title game against Georgia a year ago. The SEC championship game against Georgia last month.

This time they didn't, with the talent level of Clemson being a factor, Alabama was overmatched and spanked.


There is talk of Clemson becoming the newest dynasty in college football. It is legitimate but it is still too early. Two national titles in 3 years is impressive but 5 in 10 seasons,(Alabama) is even more noteworthy. 6 in 11 seasons would enhance that role, and that is more than possible with the return of QB Tua Tagliovaila.

Both Clemson and Alabama should be the head table, but for now Clemson is playing the lead role.

What will this season be remembered for?

Rise of the freshman QB


When is the CFB Playoff selection committee going to get it right.

Fifth season of playoffs and the No1. seed has yet to win a national title.