First look at Sweet 16 seeds

February is here, which means the countdown to Selection Sunday on March 12 has begun.

In making our first break down on the potential NCAA tournament field, one trend jumped out-it's tough to come up with 68 tournament--worthy teams.

That will change, of course, as the regular season concludes.

For now, we will stick with the Top 4 seeds, slotting them into their regions.

So here's our first guess at how we think the top of the bracket will look when it is announced.

East Regional

  1. Villanova 2. Louisville 3. Florida 4. Oregon

South Regional

  1. Kentucky 2. Baylor 3. Virginia 4. Duke

West Regional

  1. Gonzaga 2. Arizona 3. Florida State 4. Creighton

Midwest Regional

  1. Kansas 2. North Carolina 3. Butler 4. Wisconsin