Five reasons why Alabama will beat Georgia


ATLANTA--Alabama is facing Georgia on Monday. A few of my TMG Brethren, Mr. College Football and Rankman will offer you various reasons why they think Georgia will win.

Mr. College Football, a Georgia graduate, can be forgiven for picking Georgia--check below. Need I say more about my colleague.

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As for Rankman.

What can I tell you?

He will take any SEC team in a storm to be part of a national championship season and he's never been prone to follow the crowd, which is leaning towards Alabama putting another dynasty building block in place.

Picking a winner on Monday doesn't require a great deal of analysis.

Here's my five reasons why Alabama will be in the 2017 college football national champion.

1. Nick Saban--After winning five national championships, you might think Nick Saban has lost some of his fire.

Here's what Saban said in Sunday's final pre-game press conference. ""I think I'm always looking for the next challenge,'' said Saban. ""I think everyone has heard me talk a lot about the fact that success is not a continuum, it's momentary.''

2. Nick Saban--Saban has five national championships--four at Alabama. He has won eight conference championships.

Kirby Smart has won one conference championship. This is his first rodeo in an arena where Saban is a master bull (Bulldog?) rider.

3. Nick Saban--Pupil vs. Student debate. Saban is 11-0 in games against former assistants. Nuff said.

4. Nick Saban--At Saturday's media day event, Saban recommended some reading material for the people asking all the questions.

"There's a book called Stoics and it's got all of Marcus Aurelius' philosophies of how you should think and how you should sort of be positive and not get affected by things you can't control,'' said Saban. ""I would say read the book, but the book is basically about how to control the things you can control and not get too upset about the things you can't control so that at the very least what you can control you have a chance to make better.''

Marcus Aurelius?

That's good enough for me.

Alabama is a better team than the one that lost its only game of the season to Auburn in November. And the Tide will be better than it was a week ago in beating Clemson in the national semifinal game in the Sugar Bowl.

5. Nick Saban--New England Patriot coach Bill Belichick has five Super Bowl rings. Nick Saban knows Bill Belichick. He was an assistant on Belichick's staff in Cleveland. He has been called the ""Bill Belichick'' of college football.

New England is again the favorite to win the Super Bowl this season. Alabama is favored to win on Monday night.

Belichick won a Super Bowl in 2003, Saban won his first national championship at LSU in the same season.

The Patriots and Alabama have won Super Bowls/national championships following the 2014, 2015, and 2016 season.

Why stop now?

Roll Tide.

Alabama 21, Georgia 17