For BC, March Madness starts now

The schedule labels it as another week in the regular season, but Boston College knows better. It is more than that. In fact, you could make an argument that it is the most important week in BC basketball in the last decade.


Here's why.

Boston College is 15-10, with games this week at winless Pittsburgh and a return meeting against Notre Dame at Conte Forum on Saturday.

The Eagles have at least 7 games remaining this season (six regular season, at least one in the ACC tournament). To be eligible for post season play, BC must have a .500 record.

Let's do some Math 101.

Two more victories would give BC a 17-10 record. If that happens, the WORST that BC would be would be 17-15, which wouldn't put them in the NCAA tournament, but would put them in a post season tournament of some kind.

For a squad that was a woeful 2-34 in the ACC the past two seasons and has ended its season in early March the past several years, that is a worthy accomplishment and a reachable goal.

The reason this week is more important than any the Eagles have played in the Jim Christian era should be obvious. Even though the Eagles have not won a road game in almost two years, winning Tuesday night in Pittsburgh seems reasonable. The Panthers are having a horrendous season (0-13 in the conference). BC, which has already beaten Duke and Florida State and lost to Virginia by a point, is a better team and should win the game.

Notre Dame is also beatable on Saturday. The Eagles lost a shootout (96-85) to the Irish last week in South Bend and ND is not a top tier ACC team this season.

After Notre Dame, BC must deal with more turbulent waters with road games at NC State, Miami and Florida State as well as a home game against Syracuse. There are no guaranteed wins in any of those games.

So this is the week BC must make its move.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Christian says the team's vision is higher---four letter post season play (NCAA) vs. three letter (NIT) or CBI. It is a nice goal, but unless the Eagles reach 20 wins overall, which would mean 10 wins in ACC play, they will not receive an NCAA tournament bid unless they shock everyone by winning the ACC tournament.

Talent wise, BC has upgraded itself, especially in the backcourt. The Eagles have more quality wins this season then they had total wins in the ACC the past two seasons.

Realistically, just playing beyond the second week in March is a reachable goal. The stumbling block facing BC is that they need to do it THIS WEEK.[/membership]