Is Ohio State ready to let Urban Meyer "skate"?

So let's look into the future and make a prediction on how the Urban Meyer-Zach Smith domestic abuse issue will be settled?

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Here's what we think will happen.

The Ohio State University's committee looking into the domestic abuse issue involving Smith, a former member of Meyer's staff at Florida and Ohio State, has said it expects to wrap up it's investigation within the next 14 days.

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Once Meyer clarified himself last week, saying that he lied about what he knew about the Smith situation, he did a neat spin and passed off the responsibility to his boss, Gene Smith, the athletic director at The Ohio State University.

In effect, Meyer threw Smith under the bus.

So now Meyer, who is on paid administrative leave, is contending that while he lied about what he knew, he broke no rules. As an OSU employee Meyer is mandated by Title IX rules to report any domestic abuse issues to his superiors. Meyer says he followed protocol.

It would be nice if OSU provided some documentation of that.

That admission of "guilt'' or "poor judgement'' seems to be enough for several elements of the rabid OSU fan base, who do not want to lose a football coach that has won a national championship and returned the Buckeyes to national prominence after the tattoo-gate scandal that led to Jim Tressel's firing. It may be enough for OSU officials.

So our guess is this.

Meyer will NOT be fired. He will be suspended for part of the season...six games? He will then try to get ahead of the story by going on ESPN, (probably with his wife Shelley) and talking about the mistakes he made and how he wants to make things right. Talking to ESPN reporter and Meyer favorite Tom Rinaldi on Game Day, the first weekend of the season, might be the way to go. Meyer and his wife will also make a significant contribution to a domestic violence fund. And then they will hope the whole thing will fade from view.

Let's see what happens.[/membership]