Mark Madness: Beaten at the buzzer

First the good news about our yearly (and for one week only) venture into the bracketology phase of college basketball.

We had 66 of 68 teams, including all of the first two seeds (which wasn't all that hard). We didn't have Oklahoma or Syracuse in the field, sticking with Notre Dame and USC.

Now the bad news. We would have had 67 of 68, including Notre Dame (which very few bracketologists had), were it not for Davidson taking away a spot by beating Rhode Island in the Atlantic 10 tournament.

Before the results were in, we had both Syracuse and Notre Dame in the field. When Davidson won, the team that the selection committee bounced was....Notre Dame. We eliminated Syracuse to make room for Davidson.

In terms of accuracy, we were fairly solid, using the formula that if you come within one seed line of a team you are doing a good job.

Our scoreboard this season: 60 of the 68 seeds either exactly right (41) or within 1 (19).

Let the games begin.