Mark Madness: Chapter 9: No. 1 seeds are locked in

It's time to really start crunching the numbers and play the often frustrating game of deciding not who you think are the best 36 at large teams, but who the NCAA selection committee will choose on Sunday afternoon. Nevada's loss to San Diego State in the Mountain West Conference tournament semifinals just added to the intrigue.

So here is Saturday morning's bracket, which will be followed by an update Sunday morning and then some minor tweaking (we hope) as the final conference tournaments are decided on Sunday afternoon.

The one major change we made with this version is move Kansas over to a No. 1 seed in the Midwest and flip Xaiver (after its loss to Providence in the Big East semifinals on Friday night) to the West. If Kansas loses to West Virginia in the Big 12 title game, Xavier could move back to the Midwest and Kansas will go back to the West.

Duke's loss to North Carolina settled the No. 1 seed question. The Blue Devils looked like the only team that could jump to the No. 1 line.




16. North Carolina Central--LIU winner

8. Virginia Tech

9. Alabama

At San Diego

4. Florida

13. Bucknell

5. Texas Tech

12. MAC champion

At Wichita

6. Kentucky

11. Marquette/Notre Dame winner

3. Michigan

14. Iona

At Nashville

7. Rhode Island

10. Houston

2. Duke

15. Lipscomb


At Charlotte

1. Virginia

16.Texas Southern/UMBC winner

8. Butler


At Boise

5. Ohio State

12. Murray State

4. West Virginia

13. Charleston

At Dallas

6. Nevada

11. Florida State

3. Auburn

14. UNC-Greensboro

At Pittsburgh

7. Miami

10. Missouri

2. Cincinnati

15. Radford


At Wichita 

1. Kansas

16. Ivy champion

8. Saint Bonaventure

9. Creighton

At Boise


12. C-USA champion champion

4. Gonzaga

13. Mountain West champion

At Nashville

6. TCU

11. UCLA/Syracuse winner

3. Tennessee

14.Sun Belt Champion

At Detroit

7. Nevada

10. Texas A&M

2. Purdue

15. Wright State


At Detroit

  1. Xavier

16. Southland Conference Champion

8. Kansas State

9. NC State

At San Diego

5. Wichita

12.WAC champion

4. Arizona

13. South Dakota State

At Dallas

6. Providence

11. Loyola (Chicago)

3. Michigan State

14. Big Sky Champion

At Charlotte

7. Arkansas

10. Texas

2. North Carolina

15. Big West champion