NCAA Midwest Regional: The (Blue) Devils are still dancing

Outlook: Kansas is the top seed, but as talented as the Jayhawks are, we just don't trust them to make it from Wichita to Omaha without stumbling.

Here's why. Penn will prove pesky for awhile, but the Quakers are just not good enough. But after that either North Carolina State or Seton Hall will be waiting. We think it will be Seton Hall and the Pirates are good enough to pull off the upset, even in the friendly confines of Wichita.

Should Kansas prevail, there are even more potholes., Watch out for New Mexico State which can at least two games, with a win over Clemson and probably Auburn.

And then there is the bottom half of the draw. Duke should beat Iona, but that also will require the Blue Devils attention. After that it will probably be Rhode Island since Oklahoma doesn't win on the road.

Still more trouble since either Arizona State or Syracuse will be trouble and so will be Michigan State, which poses a threat to everyone. Bottom line: No Kansas.

Upset Specials: New Mexico State over Clemson. Arizona State/Syracuse over TCU

Moving to Omaha: Seton Hall, New Mexico State, Michigan State, Duke

Regional Champ: Duke