No. 13 Notre Dame

Here's a trivia question which involves both the past and perhaps future of Notre Dame football. When was the last time the Irish had back to back double-digit win seasons? Notice we didn't say in two of the last three seasons, because that is exactly what the Irish have done, which may be a good sign for the future.


History, however, offers a different perspective since the last BACK to BACK double-digit seasons for the Irish were in 1992-93. [membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Will it happen in South Bend this season? Now that is the question, Irish eyes want answered. If its going to happen, it will probably be a defensive surge providing the impetus. Nine starters return, but there is a catch. Coach Brian Kelly has his third defensive coordinator in the past three years. New DC Clark Lea has been elevated from linebacker's coach and has enough talent....but

The but could be on offense, where QB Brandon Winbush, who was both hot and cold--sometimes in the same game--returns, but there are holes to fill at RB and on the offensive line. The schedule includes Michigan in the first game, but after that there is smooth highway with Ball State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest before Stanford appears (and that's in South Bend).

Nine wins seem reachable, the 10th? Now that is another question since two of the last three games include FSU and USC. [/membership]