Rutgers a program? RU kidding.

There are programs and then there is ...Rutgers.

The research depart of came up with these 10 reasons why Rutgers can not claim to be a "program''

  1.  Rutgers didn't even make the decision to go big time until the late 1970s and even when it did, its schedule included stretches like Cornell, No. 1 Alabama, William &Mary. To this day, they do not have a natural rival. [membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]
  2.  In 1979, the Scarlet Knights. traveled to Tennessee for a game against the Volunteers. How well known was Rutgers to Volunteer fans? A columnist in Knoxville posed the following questions: What is a Rutgers? Is is fruit? Is it a vegetable?
  3. Rutgers went 30 years (from 1976 to 2006) between national rankings. The Associated Press just released its Top 100 programs? Appropriately enough, Rutgers was No. 86.
  4.  Rutgers could have won a national championship. In 1869, only two teams played college football, Rutgers and Princeton. Rutgers won the meeting 6-4 and could have declared itself a national champion. It allowed Princeton a rematch and lost 8-0.
  5.  Rutgers was beaten 80-0 by West Virginia in 2001. Some programs don't allow 80 points in a season.
  6.  Rutgers has never won an outright conference title.
  7. Former Rutgers coach Terry Shea often brought his dog to practice. One time the dog romped on the field and....took a dump. Shea left Rutgers with an 11-44 record.In 2001,
  8. Rutgers was scheduled to open the season against California. But when the attacks on 9-11 occurred, the game was postponed. Going into the final game, California was winless and Rutgers had won only twice. Why reschedule the game? Cal insisted, flew across the country and won 20-10 to avoid the stigma of a winless season.
  9.  Rutgers went to only one bowl in its first 100 years of the program. But to get to that milestone, a bowl had to be created in December in the Jersey Meadowlands. It was called the Garden State Bowl and the executive director of the Meadowlands was a man named Bob Mulcahy, who later became the athletic director at...Rutgers.
  10. In 1993, Rutgers got off to a 3-1 start and faced Boston College in a game at Rutgers. There was chatter about Rutgers receiving a bowl bid. But after BC posted a 31-21 victory, some of the New Jersey writers asked BC QB Glenn Foley ( a New Jersey native) what he thought of Rutgers' bowl chances.

""The only bowl Rutgers is going to is the one I just got off,'' said Foley, pointing to the bath room in the BC locker room.

Rutgers a program? No its...Rutgers [/membership]