The Grudge Report/A Question Of Judgement If Not Character For Will Grier

Former WVA QB Will Grier passed on his team's bowl appearance, but decided he could play in the Senior Bowl.

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What was former West Virginia quarterback Will Grier doing on Saturday?

Would you believe Grier was playing in the Senior Bowl?

Normally, this would not be that big a deal. Grier had a nice career the past two seasons at West Virginia, after bailing out at Florida.

He was ranked as a legitimate NFL low first round draft prospect in many NFL projections.

He was the leading offensive force for West Virginia in the past two years, turning the Mountaineers from pretenders to contenders in the Big 12.

A year ago, Grier's season came to a premature end because of a hand injury.

This season, Grier's season and college career came to an end after a regular season finale loss to Texas--but this was strictly Grier's call.

Yes, the Mountaineers still had one game remaining--a December meeting in the Camping World Bowl against long time rival Syracuse.

The promoters of the game and fans from both sides were excited about the potential showdown between a surging 9-3 Syracuse team and a 9-3 team led by Grier and wide receiver David Sills V, one of the most potent combinations in Mountaineer history.

There was one problem.

Grier, who had some ankle issues during the season, announced that he was skipping the bowl game to prepare for his future--the National Football League.

Not news breaking stuff here.

More and more players have chosen to avoid the chance of a potential career threatening injury in a bowl game which had no major significance, opting to prepare for the NFL draft and other events such as Pro Day workouts and the NFL Combine.

Grier said he supported his teammates, but it was time to move on, which didn't do much to ease the sting of 34-18 West Va loss, which might have been much different had Grier played.

If Grier would have simply stayed in the background, I would have no issue. I'm not a big fan of walking away from teammates before the season is over, but that's the trend in college football.

But Grier didn't do that.

He exposed himself to the same risks he would have had playing for his team in the Camping World Bowl, in an even more meaningless Senior Bowl, with players who had been his teammates for all of six days.

Are you kidding me?

The reason he played in the Senior Bowl was ostensibly to help his draft status.

How did that work out?

Well, not only did Grier's South team lose, but Grier was ineffective, with the consensus being that his draft status had dropped from Top 40 to lower tier of Top 100, which in $$$ terms is lot of money.

But here's a bigger issue.

Quarterback is a leadership position by the nature of the job. Not only for physical skills, but for emotional leadership and inspiration.

Again, If Grier had stuck by his plan to merely work out and prepare for the NFL, I would have NO problem with his decision.

Will Grier didn't do that. He walked out on his teammates before the season was over. Character, leadership? Yeah, right.

Will Grier is not the guy I want in the foxhole with me during battle, nor is he the QB I want to lead my team--at any level.

No. 1-1

Mark, there's a typo in your headline that I'm sure you'll want to correct so that it's not the first thing the reader sees.

I don't follow the logic of this hit piece. At all. Grier stated that he was going to focus on preparing for his future in the NFL. Few would question that the Senior Bowl provides invaluable access to coaching and scouts, as well as the ability to test one's skills against some of the best in college football. Not to mention, the Senior Bowl has meant far more to the Mobile, AL community than the Camping World Bowl has to Tampa. And Grier possibly becoming a starting NFL QB someday will mean far more to WVU than a meaningless bowl win over Syracuse would have. No one will remember the game. No recruit will ever choose WVU because of a Camping World win. So let's not act like Grier is some sort of villain here.

And if you're trying to present yourself as a draft guru and opine that Grier cost himself $$ at the Senior Bowl then that mistake (which remains to be seen) was his mistake to make, but it has nothing to do with his character or leadership. Is a leader supposed to back away from competition? Is a leader infallible? Was Tom Brady a poor leader because he was only a 6th round pick?

All I can tell you is that, as a long time Patriots fan, I'll be really excited on draft night if the Pats grab Grier to potentially carry the baton into the future. Maybe you should do a little bit more research before declaring that you'd never want to follow Grier into battle "at any level." It's fair to say his HS, WVU, and UF fans (I'm looking at you Feleipe Franks and Treon Harris) would disagree with you.

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