THE HEIGHTS/BC and Addazio agree to contract extension--with conditions

BC reportedly extended football coach Steve Addazio's contract, but with some restrictions

According to sources familiar with the program, Boston College has worked out a deal that will give BC football coach Steve Addazio a contract extension that he coveted, but the offer reportedly will be for only one extra year and will include a negotiated buy out at the end of next season.

When BC began the 2018 college football season, the primary goal of Addazio was to break the eight win barrier which he had been unable to do in his five seasons at The Heights. The Eagles started the season with a flourish, winning 7 games by the end of October.

But they then stalled out, losing the final three games of the regular season, which concluded on Saturday with a 42-21 loss to Syracuse on Saturday, which left BC with a 7-5 record and lots of disgruntled BC fans who were inclined to call teams coached by Addazio the BC 7-6ers rather than the Eagles.

Over the weekend, there was widespread discussion about Addazio's future, including chatter that he would not return for a seventh season.

Faced with paying more than $5 million in a buyout, BC officials did want to do that.

But they also knew that in the shark-invested waters of big time college recruiting, coaches whose future is in question, are at a disadvantage if they have less than two years remaining on their contract. Opposing schools will ask recruits how they can commit to a coach who might not be there for more than a year or two.

Reportedly, BC athletic director Martin Jarmond came up with a compromise solution

. Addazio's contract will be extended--but for only one year--and it will also include a buyout settlement that will allow BC to fire Addazio after next season for a reduced package if he does not reach the levels BC wants--presumably 8 or more wins.

Addazio, who was recruiting in Ohio on Monday, is ready to accept the deal, understanding it is the best agreement he can get at this time.