TMG Newsmaker of the Week: Barack Obama

Whether you liked him, supported him, voted for him or agreed with him, there is little question that President Barack Obama has brought a style and civility to his public appearances in the White House for the past 8 years.

Therefore it is not surprising, now that we are in the final days of No. 44's term in Washington, that President Obama concluded the public portion of his job with a trifecta of appearances in which he topped the charts, including his farewell speech as President in his home town in Chicago, an emotional ceremony honoring his friend Vice President Joe Biden last week and on Monday, a ceremony at the White House honoring the World Champion Chicago Cubs, a tough task for a life-time White Sox fan. But the President, like he has done so often--our favorites were his White House Correspondents Dinner appearances and his yearly selection of his NCAA basketball tournament brackets on ESPN--pulled it off with style, grace, and humor.

For these efforts and perhaps a possible new job as President of the NCAA if he wants to really get invested in college athletics, President Obama is this week's TMG's Newsmaker of the Week.