TMG Newsmaker of The Week: Chip Kelly

In the next few days, maybe a little later, he will probably be headline news in college football. His resume--chronicling his failures and successes--will be posted and examined. He will talk about the future and how things will be much better in his new home.

And then Chip Kelly will again merge into the pack of elite college football coaches. So a logical question is why now, why is Chip Kelly, the former coach at Oregon with a pair of NFL stints at Philadelphia and San Francisco, making headlines when most of the news surrounding Kelly is speculation and rumors.

Ah, that's the point. Chip Kelly can be at his home in New Hampshire, as he reportedly was last weekend, when headlines are created because media outlets are reporting that a contingent of University of Florida officials have made the trip north to convince Kelly he should be the next Gator coach.

Kelly can be on the East coast when there are rumors from 3,000 miles away that his "representatives'' are in serious discussion with UCLA officials about Kelly stepping in as the next Bruins' football coach. And on Monday, Kelly was actually in Los Angeles which means the deal could be done in the next few days.

In Tennessee, there is a rumor war going on involving Kelly and former NFL coach and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden about who will be the best fit to coach the University of Tennessee football team next season. Gruden should also receive consideration for Newsmaker of The Week honors when you consider the way his name has flown through the coaching rumor spin cycle the past several days.

But there is serious doubt about whether Gruden will be coaching anywhere next season. With Kelly, there seems almost a certainty that he will.

Kelly doesn't have to do a thing or say a thing and can find published reports linking him with jobs that are not even open yet at places like Nebraska, Texas A&M and Auburn.

I'm sure if you went to Vegas, you could get odds on where Kelly will be coaching next season.

For all of that, it makes perfect sense to name Chip Kelly as TMG's Newsmaker of the Week.