TMG Newsmaker of the Week: Dave Plati

A week ago, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh created a stir when he refused to release the team's depth chart before the Wolverines game against Colorado.

In response, Dave Plati, veteran Colorado Sports Information Director and long time friend of the management at, did what he was supposed to do: he provided information in the form of a celebrity depth chart.

Such figures as: WR--Elwood Blues and Jake Blues, Nose Tackle Vito Corleone and Lucca Brazzi and Right Guard--Gillette Sure filled the two deep list provided by Plati.

It was all in good fun at the expense of Harbaugh, who didn't appreciate the humor. So be it. Loosen up a little bit, Sparky. It's only a depth chart, not the actual game.

""It took me maybe 30 minutes in a few here and a few there ... missed some good ones because I did it so quick!,'' said Plati in an email-response to TMG Sports.

The response was so positive and overwhelming that Plati continued the process in a modified version this week for Colorado's Pac-12 game against Oregon.

""I am going to do a “celebrity depth” position of the week,''' wrote Plati, who designated Felix Unger and Oscar Madison to fill the position of Media Back.

For this and much more, is delighted to designate Dave Plati as our Newsmaker of the Week.