TMG Newsmaker of The Week: Mike Leach

He hasn't been approached, yet, by the people at Dos Equis for a potential new role as "The Most Interesting Man in The World.''

But that wouldn't be a bad next stop for Washington State football coach Mike Leach.

Certainly, if you narrowed the candidates down to the world of college football, Leach would be the leading candidate. And if you took a media poll about which teams they wanted to see in the College Football Playoff championship Final Four, Washington State and Leach would be part of the discussion.

Leach is so much more than the person in charge of a 5-0 Washington State football program that climbed all the way to No. 11 this week after last Friday night's home win over USC.

Leach may not be as serious sounding, or conventionally consumed, as Nick Saban or Urban Meyer, yet his football acumen may be as high as anyone coaching in the business. Also, on any given day, during the season, a conversation with Leach could stray into a history of pirates, a discussion of Geronimo, grizzly bears or the art work of Jackson Pollock.

Could you imagine, in any universe, where Saban would answer fan Twitter questions about his favorite movies?

Leach could talk about his Masters degree in Sports Science in Sports Coaching from the United States Sports Academy. He could talk about the book he wrote about coaching which made it to No. 6 on the New York Times list. He could talk about being only one of four coaches at the FBS level never to have played college football (Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech, Chad Morris of SMU and David Cutcliffe of Duke are the others).

Backed with his law degree from Pepperdine, Leach could explain to you the injustices of "sovereign immunity" in Texas as he battles his former school, Texas Tech, for the balance of his contract in a wrongful termination case. He could demonstrate, as he did a few weeks ago at his weekly press conference, the subtle details of the shovel pass in his offensive scheme. He can debate the possibility of life on other planets, or "Big Foot" sightings, as easily as the intricacies of his "Air Raid" offense.

Or, as he did last Friday night in Pullman after his team's 30-27 win, Leach can deliver this kind of precision, one-liner in his post-game TV interview in reaction to Wazzu fans storming the field. "It's like Woodstock, except everybody's got their clothes on.''

For that, and much more, Mike Leach is TMG's Newsmaker of The Week.