TMG Newsmaker of The Week: Scott Frost

He was a lame duck coach who decided to finish the season he began four months ago with the same team. Unlike some of his brethren such as Willie Taggart at Oregon, Jimbo Fisher at Florida State, and Dan Mullen at Mississippi State, Scott Frost took the money that the University of Nebraska offered him to become the next coach of the Cornhuskers and didn't immediately run from his job at Central Florida.

Oh, you could make excuses that Frost was on his own ego trip by staying to see if UCF could complete its quest of being the only unbeaten FBS team in the country as it went after a 13-0 record against Auburn in the Peach Bowl on January 1.

And you could say that if UCF were not unbeaten, and were playing in a less high profile bowl game, he would have been long gone after deciding to go back to his alma mater.

To be sure, Frost was not treading on new ground here. A year ago, P.J. Fleck was coaching an unbeaten team at Western Michigan which had earned a bid to the Cotton Bowl to face Wisconsin.

Like Frost, Fleck was heading to the Big Ten to take over the program at Minnesota. But he stuck with his "old'' players through the season.

Western Michigan came up short against Wisconsin, but UCF pulled off the upset of Auburn, which prompted a groundswell of support for UCF as a "national champion'' since it was the only unbeaten team in FBS and had beaten the team which had beaten both Georgia and Alabama, who are playing for the national championship on Monday night in Atlanta.

""It's hard to leave a situation like we had because an undefeated team doesn't come around that often,'' said Frost, in explaining why he was staying at UCF an extra few weeks. ""And there were a lot of special things about where I was. But this (Nebraska) is where I want to be and I'm looking to do the same things here.''

In an era, where values are lost in dollar signs by both administrators and coaches, Scott Frost handled it just right which is why he is TMG's Newsmaker of the Week.