TMG Newsmaker of the Week: The Big 12 Presidents

At first, it made sense. The Presidents were acting like Presidents. They talked about academics as well as athletics. They talked about finances. They talked about the future and the concept of expanding a league from 10 to 12 to possibly 14 schools.

A list of six possible candidates emerged. Each had some positives, each had some negatives. But the process was sound.

And then...The six schools doubled to 12 and then it went to 18 and then to 20. The list went from California to Carolina. It went to Vegas, it went to New Mexico, it went to Arkansas.

Arkansas State to the Big 12?

East Carolina?



New Mexico?

Are you serious?

The thought process of how this would work in terms of travel, in terms of fans, in terms of anything, was confusing, to say the least..

No one, and I mean no one, seemed to be knowing what was going on. Big 12 expansion became a punch line for all sorts of jokes.

. For this, and for a variety of other reasons, the Big 12 Presidents are TMG's Newsmakers of the Week.