TMG Newsmaker of the Week: Urban Meyer

On Monday morning, he was back at work in his office. On Tuesday morning he officially met with his team. Later that day, preparation for Saturday's Big Ten opener against Rutgers began.

This was after a month-long suspension (three of those weeks in which he was fully paid) involving a domestic abuse issue that is so slimy and was handled so poorly by Ohio State officials that a Board of Trustees member resigned after the "punishment'' for Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer was announced last week.

It will continue that way until Friday afternoon, when Meyer will be forced to leave the Ohio State football complex and not return until Sunday afternoon. (Part of the punishment is that Meyer can coach the team during the week, but must not be part of the team in a 24-hour window around the next two games.

Welcome to Urban Meyer's world these days as the embattled Ohio State football coach serves the final two games of a three-game suspension for his part in handling the domestic abuse issue involving one of his former assistant coaches, Zach Smith.

Meyer watched the Buckeyes roll over Oregon State in their opener from his home in Dublin, Ohio, with comfortable seating, flat screen television and other comforts. Whether there were any text messages sent to the stadium during the game is unknown, although Meyer has ""scrubbed'' his cell phone once already.

Not since the movie Goodfellas when Paulie happily chopped garlic in preparation for a nice Italian dinner in his prison cell, has anyone served a tougher sentence than Meyer.

Even after the penalties were announced last week, Meyer, who has maintained he did nothing wrong and followed protocol, couldn't give it up, sending out a tweet last Friday to correct what he determined as inaccurate reporting.

So Meyer was welcomed back this week like a returning prisoner of war by his players who said they truly missed him.

It was a good weekend all around for the Meyer-istas in Columbus. The Buckeyes won big, and so did his former protégé University of Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell who pulled off an upset in the Bearcats (also Meyer's alma mater) opener at UCLA.

There was even better news coming out of College Park Md. where Texas, coached by a former Meyer aid (Tom Herman), was upset by Maryland. This was regarded as good news in Columbus, since Herman was no longer on Meyer's favorite list and had been "outed'' by OSU officials as an assistant coach who socialized with Zach Smith.
The bottom line for all of this is this simple.

Meyer received a three-week paid vacation and one-week unpaid vacation during the investigation.

He has been suspended for three games, but he can coach during the week as the Buckeyes prepare for Rutgers and TCU.

And, life as a $7 million dollar a year head coach goes on for Urban Meyer who really did nothing wrong.

Just ask him.

For all of this, Meyer is a runaway winner of TMG's first Newsmaker of the Week Award for the 2018 college football season.