TMG Newsmaker of Week: Nick Saban

Alabama didn't play a game this week, but such is the power of The Tide that it makes headlines even when nothing appears to be happening.

That again came into focus on Monday when offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin left Alabama to become the head coach at Florida Atlantic University.

Kiffin's departure was not a surprise. Kiffin, who was fired by USC in the middle of the 2013 season, had spent three years reconstructing his image and his pride by running Alabama's offense, which produced at least one national championship.

Although Kiffin's coaching ability has never been in doubt, his personal life raised more than a few questions.

Saban hired him, providing a halfway house for a coach who needed an image rehab.

Last year, St. Nick did it again, and reached out to another former USC head coach Steve Sarkasian, who had been fired because of off the field issues.

Kiffin will remain with Alabama until its post season is completed. And while Sarkasian has not been named as Kiffin's replacement as the Tide's OC, he is in the mix and could very well take the next step to career-reputation recovery in Tuscaloosa.

For these acts, Saban is TMG's Newsmaker of the Week.