U of Fla. and Tim Tebow

Some good news and bad news from the University of Fla.

First the bad news.

Last winter, a woman brought sexual assault charges against two University of Florida football players, Antonio Callaway and Treon Harris. The University reacted by suspending both players.

Harris has left school, while Callaway maintains his innocence and remains in school. As part of the case, a Title IX hearing is scheduled for this week. The normal procedure is for an impartial party to preside over the hearing. [membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

The University of Florida chose a 68-year old attorney named Jake Schickel to preside over the hearing. Shickel has excellent credentials. He is well respected in legal circles. On the surface it looked like a reasonable choice.

Schickel is also a Florida football booster who has been selected to rule a case involving Florida football players.

Come on.

Not surprisingly, the woman has said she will boycott the hearings which are scheduled for Friday.

Let's provide a little context. When Florida State was dealing with the problems of quarterback Jameis Winston, it selected someone from Wake Forest and the University of Virginia to preside.

But Florida selects a former Florida athlete and booster to rule on this case? Maybe this will change, but right now this is the way it is being played out.

This is either arrogance or stupidity.

Now the good news. Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is making another comeback. But not in football. In baseball. Tebow, who is impossible not to like as a person, wants to try to make it as a major league baseball player, a sport he has not competed seriously in for more than 11 years.

Good luck to Tebow. And shame on the University of Florida, our TMGcollegesports Newsmakers of the Week. [/membership]