Whatever happened to Les Miles?

Just wondering about a few things, such as:

Surely you remember the name: Les Miles. He was the highly successful football coach at LSU until last September. He won a national championship in 2007, he won two SEC titles. His overall coaching record is 141-65, which is good at any level, much less at Power 5 conference schools such as Oklahoma and LSU.

But Miles didn't win enough at LSU and just as fast as you could say Roll Tide--which is the main reason Miles didn't win enough in Baton Rouge--Miles was an ex-coach.

But he was still a young 63 and said he wanted to well, keep coaching, somewhere.

So when the annual coaching carousel began in late November, Miles spun the wheel. He tried Purdue, Houston, Minnesota. Nothing. He tried Western Michigan when Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck moved to Minnesota. He flirted with California. Still nothing.

Now there is chatter that he might wind up in the NFL--as an assistant coach.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Miles made a public appearance last week at LSU when LSU safety Jamal Adams announced he was leaving for the NFL. Adams wanted his old coach at the announcement, so Miles came.

Was it strange, weird, uncomfortable for Miles? "Strange is not the word,'' Miles told reporters, who gathered around to hear Miles talk, which has always been a special treat. ""I enjoy the people in the building. Every time I go by a door, it is somebody I'm pleased to see and embrace,'' said Miles.

But the question you have to ask is why hasn't anyone embraced Miles as a coach. Sure, he was quirky. He did some strange things during games. which earned him the tag of the "Mad Hatter''.

But he knew how to recruit, he knew how to develop talent, he knew how to win.

He did it for 17 years but no one wants him. Strange. He could wind up in the broadcast booth and he would probably be good.

""I think TV is something I would enjoy being close to the game,'' Miles said. ""But I'm a coach. I have so much experience at the things that I've done that it would be hard for me to put those down. Maybe at another time. Yeah, maybe, but not at this point. I'm a coach.''


What am I missing in the strange season that Duke guard Grayson Allen is having, in which he makes headlines and creates controversies for tripping players and losing his temper, rather than making baskets or handing out assists.

He was a repeat trip offender this season in a game against Elon and was suspended by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski "indefinitely'' which turned out to be one game. He then appeared to do it again against Boston College, but it was regarded as a no harm, no foul situation and then he appeared to push a Florida State assistant coach, which was again ruled another 'no harm, no foul'' situation.

Too many of these incidents, coupled with a growing sense that the NBA might not think he is a prime time talent could devalue Allen into a mere footnote, rather than a success story, which looked so certain a short time ago.


Are you ready for some college football? Of course, you are, which is why there is already a feeling of excitement about next next season's opener in Atlanta's new stadium when Alabama faces off against Florida State.

Atlanta will become the epicenter of college football next year with the ACC and SEC fighting for superiority, a new stadium which will not only host Alabama vs. FSU, but the SEC championship game in December and the national championship game in January.


Took a quick more in-depth look at the college basketball season for the first time and it looks like there are four team who are just a cut above everyone else: Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky, and UCLA, which could give the NCAA tournament a truly geographically based regional set up for the first time in several years.

Nova would be an easy fit for the East, Kentucky in the South, Kansas in the Midwest and UCLA in the West. But before we get carried away, let's emphasize, there are no SUPER teams out there and it is only Mid-January.

It could all change by Monday morning, but there could be a special buzz in New England if the NFL could stage a Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl, which would bring Atlanta QB (and Boston College alum) Matt Ryan back in focus. A Patriots-Cowboys or Patriots-Packers Super Bowl would also move the interest needle...And then there is the possibility of watching NFL commissioner Roger Goodell present the Lombardi Trophy to Patriots' owner Robert Kraft, with Patriot QB Tom Brady also standing there. Just wondering if that could happen of course.[/membership]